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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:14 PM

Chapter 289

Rita's assistant and crew heard her loud remarks; they all turned to look at her directions . One by one they raised their hand and gestures with their thumb up indicating approval, they all agreed with Rita's statement, it's a match made in heaven .

The special team that Jeff had set up for the island were the best among the best of his men . Anyone thinking that it would be easy to fool them got a surprise waiting for them โ€” namely, Claudia Tan and Megan Wright .


Ninoy International Airport was in full alert . First, it was due to Claudia and Megan's escape being broadcasted all over the media; they want to ensure that the two has no way out of the Country . Wanted posters were shown all over the news, and big rewards were offered for the captured of Claudia and Megan .

Secondly, it was for the wedding of the year that's everyone's anticipating since the day it was broadcasted a while back . The masses knew that many famous personalities and only the cream of the crops were invited .

Mega World Intl . Group of Company P . R . Department had invested all their resources with the promotion of the wedding . It's a once in a lifetime event for the Group and as per Chairman Go and CEO Jeff Go order, that the event must have a Bang-Bang or they would all be dead .


The guest from all over the globes started arriving at Ninoy International Airport . In history ever since NIA was built, they had never encountered a situation like they are having now . Traffic jammed in the air; many incoming flights were getting diverted to another Airport to give priority for the arriving private planes .

A couple of the airplanes almost collided in the air when one of the pilots made maneuvering error, which created a scare to the passengers of both planes . A family member from below inside the Airport received a text message and posted it in social media .

The caption read : [ Airplane almost collided in-the-air due to traffic congestion . The root of the cause, wedding of the year . ] In a matter of minutes, it went viral . Some people were upset but mostly blaming the pilot and not the couple that's about the get married .

The news of the situation at the Ninoy International Airport was broadcasted left and right . The two top television station in the Country sent all their best of the best reporters to cover the event . Everyone was fighting to go and cover the news, even their top newscaster who usually only stays inside the studio and report news on air . Now wanted to go out at the field to be part of the main event .


In the meantime at the mansion with Jeff and Ann, they were discussing how they would be able to accommodate all the guest that had arrived and arriving still . All of the hotels owned by Mega World Intl . Group of Company were utilized already along with many of their properties . Even their Business competitors where banking money from the overflow guest and other business took the opportunity to make money from the event .

The PR and Marketing Department teamed up to create a massive advertisement for the event . Many souvenirs were being produced and sold at a high cost . Designers after designers wanted a part of the big event and started competing who could create the best selling designs for wedding souvenirs .

One criterion for the design was a symbol with their initial must be printed to all of the models . All the designers agreed in a heartbeat, it's a chance in a lifetime, and they would not miss this for the world .



* A๐Ÿ’˜J *



Once all the souvenirs went on sale, Mega World Mall was fully packed . Day in and day out, all the leading stores have something to sell that about the wedding . The economy of the Country boosted high up in the sky along with the shares of Mega World Intl . Group of Company .

The significant rise in the economy catches the attention of the President of the Country; he wanted to know who were these people that were creating a hype . Anything or anyone that's helping the Country grows and prospers, the President always thank them personally .

While having breakfast, he read a newspaper to see what's the hype was all about . He was stunned to see the picture of his good friend on a front page . Grandfather Go is one of his longtime supporters, anytime he needed someone to help to raise funds for a good cause, the old man never turns his head away .

'So, the young lad is getting married, and that's what this is all about, I wonder if the old man remembers to invite me?" The President was thinking while enjoying his simple breakfast .

Mr . President called for his assistant to check . . . A couple of minutes later, the assistant was hesitant to utter a word . He slowly walked toward the President while tip-toe-ing, once he reaches his destination, he stands still rooted to the ground with a sullen face .

"M-Mr . P-P-President, I have bad news . " The assistant said in a shallow tone of voice, barely audible, afraid for Mr . President to hear .

Mr . President looks up from what he's doing, stared at the assistant who's sweating bullets at the moment . "Speak up, I couldn't hear a word you're saying . "

"Sir?" The assistant acting dumb in order not to repeat what he had just said .

"I SAID . . . REPEAT WHAT YOU JUST SAID, I DID NOT HEAR YOU!" Mr . President is now standing still while glaring at him with his nostril blowing fire . "SPEAK! OR . . . . "

The assistant rapidly informs him once again, "M-Mr . P-P-President, I have a piece of bad news . You did not receive an invitation . . . "

The president was about to say something, then he put himself into their shoes and realize that they must have a valid reason for not inviting him . "It's fine, I understand . You may go back to your duty . "

The assistant was more than glad to leave; he wanted to see if he could obtain an invitation for the President . The assistant could see from the eyes of the President's eyes that he wanted to attend, but he's not invited . He would contact Chairman Go; he's a close friend of the President, it's probably only an oversight .

After the assistant left, Mr . President personally called someone equally essential to check if he received an invitation to the wedding out of curiosity .




Finally, after the third buzzed someone answered . "Good day Mr . President, this is Jinky, you want to speak with Manny? Sure, let me get him for you . "