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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:13 PM

Chapter 290
"Hello, Mr. President, this is Manny. What can I do for you?" Manny greeted Mr. President respectfully.

"Good morning! Manny, how are you? I'm curious about something, and I thought I would ask the source directly. By any chance, you heard of the wedding of the century that's going to happen soon?" He asked innocently and with a smile on his voice.

"Yes, Mr. President. Jinky and I were discussing what I should wear at the wedding, Barong or suit? I decided to bring both. How about you Mr. President, what are you planning to wear?" Manny automatically assumed that Mr. President received an invite. - "I'm sorry, I was excited and did not pay my mind. I have not right to ask, please! accept my apology. By the way, you need something?"

"Oh, nothing... I couldn't even remember the reason why I called. Hehe!" Mr. President was afraid of the answer; he decided not to ask Manny it's evident that his invited from the way he's speaking. The President changed the subject to politics and sports.

While he was still on the phone with Manny, his assistant came back with a big smile on his face while waving an elegant looking envelope on his hand.

"Mr. President, Sir!-Look what I got!" He was in such a hurry that he almost tripped as he rushes to give the envelope to Mr. President. "Here! See, this?" He handed the envelope excitedly and waited for Mr. President to praise him.

"Hmmm, Manny, I have an important matter to attend too, let's catch up later alright!" He didn't even wait for Manny to reply, he pushed the red dot with X at the screen of his phone. "Let me see that, are you sure it's the invitation for the wedding?" He doesn't want to be disappointed or else.

."Yes, sir! I'm putting my life into the line; that's the wedding invitation." The assistant proudly said while standing straight.

"Alright! I believed you, no need to swear on your life. You may go." Mr. President couldn't wait for the assistant to leave and returned to his seat and grabs the letter opener just as he was about to stick the end of the letter opener.

The assistant who's still standing rooted to the ground his standing on suddenly screamed.

"NO!!!! No, sir! Please don't do that! Not required to use a letter opener, it's open already Mr. President." He doesn't want the envelope to be torn; he wanted to keep it for the souvenir.

Mr. President checked the plop of the jacket and saw that it is impact opened already as a procedure. He opened the envelope and pulled the card inside.

After reading what's written, a smile formed on his stern looking face. "Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha!" Mr. President was in heaven after reading what's written in the invitation card.

It reads:

[ Mr. President,

We know you are a very busy person and probably would decline our invitation. However, we would like to plead our case and request that you officiate our wedding as the person with the highest authority in the Country.

After the officiation, We cordially invite you to our wedding as our Godfather and witness. We hope that you would find the time and attend. Rest assure that no Un-invited guest could enter our island where the wedding would commence.

Thanking you in advance,

Jeff Go & Ann Wen-Tan


The RSVP was enclosed for your perusal. ]

"Hahaha! And I thought I was not invited when they wanted me to be their Godfather." - Mr. President called for his assistant to reply to the couple, "Write this and send it right away before they think that I'm not attending and find a replacement." Mr. President ordered with a big grin on his face.


In the meantime, the same message was received on the other side of the globe. The King of Estonasia was a long time friend of Jeff's father and was also requested to be a Godfather.

The King of Estonasia told his assistant to accept the invitation for the whole family. That includes the Queen, the little princess and lastly the Prince of Estonasia- Prince Alexander and his fiancee Lady Antella.

"Inform Prince Alexander and Lady Antella that I want to have a word with them at once." The king ordered...

The assistant found out that Prince Alexander once again escaped and not in the Country along with Lady Antella and their respective assistants.

"What do you mean they are not in the Country right now? Explained!!!' The King was shouting for the whole palace to hear. "It's absurd!" The King explains.

"Your Highness, please do not be alert, Prince Alexander and lady Antella currently in the Philippines. Therefore, not necessarily to bad, his in the right place and the wrong time. Hahaha!" The assistant happily informs the King.

"Make sure to inform their assistant and tell them to stay there. Prepare the private jet; we should be leaving right away." The King ordered.



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