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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:12 PM

Chapter 291
Mega World Resort:

The security was very tight; not even an ant could enter without the scrutiny of the scanning system that was set up all around the entrances of the Island .

The order was rigorous, no one allowed to enter without invitation even if he's the President and country or the King of Hell . [No invitation, no entry . ] That's the code for the emergency .

The pre-wedding party was to start in the evening and would last until the wedding in a couple of days . The guest from all over the world began to arrive one by one . Helicopter after helicopter were flying in and out .

At the dock, yacht and perry boats were busy unloading guest . For a couple of days already, reporters had been camping at the entrance of the resorts . Many had flown in from different countries such as the United State, Europe, and other Asian Countries . The event was huge that no one wants to miss sighting celebrities and significant people .

The resorts were beautifully decorated, from the dock, all the way to the entrance were a red carpet was laid out for guest to walk on and have pictures taken . All reporters were dumbfounded to see how many famous personalities attending the wedding . It's bigger than the Grammy and Oscar Award nights combined .

A concert was on the agenda for the pre-wedding party arranged by Mega entertainment . They invited many famous singers to join the show and realizing that everyone they ask would RSVP .

Due to everyone invited RSVP, they ended up having overflow and needed to extend the pre-wedding concert for a whole week instead of only a day . The P . R . department was having an issue on who's going to be first and who's going to be the finale . An emergency meeting was held at Mega World Headquarters to discuss the concert in order not to offend anyone .

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* The P . R . Director had to use a mallet to get everyone's attention . "Meeting begins, we need to be productive asap . We don't have much time left . Let's begin . "

The P . R . Director called for everyone to pitch in their idea of how they would solve the problem .

"We could start the concert with our local celebrities first, followed by the idols from closest Asian Country . Next would Europe then for the finale we would have the group from the United States . " The P . R . Manager showed to the screen which singers and group she's talking about and highlighting who is who to the one who doesn't know .

Everyone agreed after seeing all the famous names and faces . Once all was settled, they divided among each other the actual work they needed to be done at the concert, everyone was excited . In the history of Mega World Entertainment, they had never had an event this big . Everyone wants to be part of history, the biggest wedding of the century .


While all this was happening, the couple were busy finalizing essential matters before the day of the wedding . Jeff was arranging all vital thing that needed to be taken care of while he's on his honeymoon . One is the turnover of the position of CEO to Ethan temporarily while they were gone .

Ethan has no choice but to agree since Wen Corporation had become a subsidiary of Mega Wold International Group of Company . As part of the deal between Ann and Eva who's the principal stockholder of the Company, Ethan would be the CEO while Jeff would help him from behind the scene . Who would have thought that Ethan does not need guidance at all, he's a genius on his own when it comes to business .

Jeff requested an emergency meeting to inform them of his plan . He suggested to the Board of Director to let Ethan be the interim CEO while he's on honeymoon . Everyone agreed without hesitation, and it made Jeff proud of his younger brother .

"Congratulation! Starting tomorrow you are the interim CEO, make me proud . " Jeff pats his brother on his back before giving him a tight brotherly hug .

"Congratulation CEO Wright! Or should I say CEO Go? Whatever, I'll call you Ethan . Hahaha!" Ronald was grinning from ear to ear .

Ethan's eyebrows crunch before he replied jokingly . "Excuse me? What did you say you're going to call me? Ethan? You better think again, or my brother might need to hire a new assistant when he comes back . " He then smacked Ronald's shoulder and started laughing . "Hahaha!"

"I don't care what you call me, as long as you don't call me CEO Wright or I might have to kill you . " Ethan then winked at Ronald as they walked toward his new office to be .


At the Mansion, Ann was busy making sure all her guest had arrived safely at the resort . She was having a meeting with Lea and Eva who's in charge of handling matters with all the bridesmaids .

While they were busy discussing things Mr . Butler announces that a couple of the bridesmaid arrives .

Komalika and Adleena came in looking like a million dollar . Komalika was wearing an elegant Carolina Herrera Strapless dress, while Adlenna was wearing a Valentino Long-Sleeve Floral-Embroidered dress . To complete the ensemble, both were wearing a shoe designed by Manolo Blahnik, while both were carrying Hermes bags .

Lea and Eva gawked when they saw the two bridesmaid that walks in . Lea commented jokingly once she found her words . "I hope you too have a bodyguard along with you . " She said with a beautiful smile on her face showing her straight white teeth, but anyone could tell she's envious towards the tow girls .

Eva decided to play along with Lea and added to the fuel . "What you mean bodyguard, they should have at least the National Guard with them, look at what they both wearing . It looks like the National Treasure of the Country . " She said it straight face, but secretly smiled at Lea then winked .

Adleena catches up pretty quick and played along with the girls . "What do you mean National Guard, no way! With what I'm wearing right now, I had to request a Special Forces to be my bodyguard . "

"You only requested Special Forces? I have FBI and CIA escort me all day to the front door . " Komalika interject while looking at them with a straight face .

Ann: "Hahaha!"

Adleena: "???"




Lea, Eva, Adleena, and Komalika laughed along with Ann, if anyone could hear them, they would think they were serious .

Komalika and Adleena stayed and enjoyed a light brunch with the girls before saying their goodbyes to head to the Resort . . .