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Chapter 292

Sophia along with Grandmother Tan arrives just as Komalika and Adleena were leaving on the way to the resorts . They crossed path at the threshold of the entrance . Sophia gave a smile while they greeted her and grandma Tan . "Good afternoon Mam! We are two of the bridesmaid . " . Kamalika pointed to Adleena and herself .

Nice to meet both of you, I'm Sophia, Ann's Mother and this is her grand!mother . " She touches grandma Tan arms while introducing to the girls .

"Nice to meet you in person, we are a fan of yours! Hehe, he, the vibrant Komalika shyly told Sophia . " Right, Adleena?" . She bumps her elbow to the star-struck Adleena who's unable to utter a single word .

"Huh? Oh, y-yes! My god, I'm finally meeting you in person, we weren't able to make it when she had the bachelorette party, and I heard it was a blast . " Adleena was overjoyed to run-in to Sophia and meet her in person .

"Well, thank you! I appreciate it, and I'm glad you both could make it . I'm sure Ann feels the same way . " . Sophia moves to create a way for the two who are leaving .

"Are you on your way to the resort? Have fun; I'm sure they had prepared many things for everyone to enjoy before the wedding . " Grandmother Tan said sweetly to Komalika and Adleena as they passed by her .

"Yes, Mam! We can't wait to get there . I heard that there would be concerts by many celebrities from all over the world starting tonight . " Komalika said with a big grin plastered on her beautiful face .

"Will you be singing at the concert?" Adleena asked excitedly to Sophia .

"Hmmm, I wasn't planning to but, now that you mentioned it, that's not a bad idea . I might even ask Ann to do a duet with me . Hahaha! That's an excellent idea . - Don't you think so, mother-in-law?"

Grandmother Tan only smiled as a reply to Sophia's question . She has no idea if Ann could sing as well as her Sophia, and none from her family could hold a tune . "Well . . . Maybe you should ask Ann's opinion in regards to that matter . " She answered as politically as she could .

"You guys better go; you don't want to miss all the fun . "

The car door was already open for the two to enter, but they wanted to stay and continued chatting . Unfortunately, Sophia and Grandmother were already walking toward inside the Mansion .

"Yes, Mam! Please, do think about it and if you need us to convince Ann, let us know and will do everything in our power to persuade her . " Komalika shouted before going inside the car .

"Will do!" Sophia was smiling as she shouted back to Komalika and Adleena as they drove off .

On the way to the resort, Komalika couldn't contain herself and kept on talking about all the celebrities that she would meet at the pre-wedding concert .

Meanwhile, Adleena was seating quietly, still in cloud nine after meeting the Asia Diva Ms . Sophia .


Back at the mansion, Ann was busy checking and making sure that all her special guest had RSVP .

"What time would they be arriving? Did you make sure that there's a limousine waiting at the airport to take them to the villa where they would be staying?" Ann was asking Lea and Eva .

"Who are you talking about that's arriving? Good afternoon girls . Do you need any help with anything?" Sophia happily greeted everyone .

Ann "Mother! Good afternoon!"

Lea "Good afternoon Tita, still as beautiful as the day . "

Eva got up and hugged Sophia before greeting her in return . "Good afternoon Aunty, Good afternoon Grandma Tan . "

Ann was getting ready to get up and give her mother and grandmother a hug, but both of them stopped her .

"N-n-no! Stay put; you don't need to stand in a ceremony to greet us . " Sophia bends down, kissed and hugged her daughter before seating next to her at the sofa .

Grandmother Tan did the same thing and sat on the other side of Ann . "Now, what was it that you're asking them when we came in? Is it the President of the United States of America? Hahaha!" Grandmother Tan jokingly asked .

"You're so funny Grandma, who am I to be able to invite a president to my wedding . Hahaha!" Ann slightly taps her grandmother's arms as she laughingly said it calmly .

"Yes, Mother-in-law, why would you even jokingly say that . " Sophia was thinking the way as Ann .

"Well, do not be surprised if a President shows up to your wedding, might not be the one from America, but the one local might come . Who knows . . . "





All four women started laughing from what grandmother Tan said . None of them had any idea of what's about to happen on the day of the wedding . . .