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Chapter 293
Sophia decided to change the subject . "By the way, I was informed by Edna that Mega World Entertainment had arranged a concert for your pre-wedding party at the resort . Is that true?"

"This the first I heard of its mother . " Ann looked at Lea then Eva with a question on her eyes .

Lea waived her hand in the air indicating she has no idea whatsoever .

"No Idea!" Eva replied while shaking her head left and right while waving her hands in the air just like Les .

" The reason I mentioned it, is because I'm thinking of singing at the concert and I wanted to ask you if you could join me to a duet . "

Lea's face lit up, and she was overjoyed when she heard Sophia's suggestion . "Yes!!!! Please . . . Ann?"

"Cousin, you could sing? Wow! It must run and the family . I love to sing too since young . But I bet I'm not as good as you and Aunty . " Eva exclaims .

"Hahaha! I'm not either alright . Yes, I could sing a tune or two, but I could never be like mother, a Diva . Hahaha!"

"You are to humble you know that . You could outsing me anytime, and I know that for a fact . " Sophia proudly announce . "I remember about four years ago when your grandma Wen passed away; you went to an audition for a singing competition . " Sophia holds Ann's hand before continuing .

"I was one of the judges at that time . Unfortunately, I got delayed because I was running around Las Vegas looking for you . " Tears started to build in Sophia's eyes .

"When I arrived, you had already left . I was only told by the coordination of the competition about you . When they were about to show me your recording, there was none to be found . "

"Aunty, if you did not see cousin Ann's recording, how do you know she could sing? Especially if she didn't make the second round . " Eva asked curiously with wide eyes waiting excitedly for the answer .

"One of the staff had recorded Ann's competition, and she continued listening to Ann singing with an earphone . Then one day during a break, I was resting at the dressing room, and that staff was listening without an earphone, and I heard the voice . Sound very professional, and I asked if she's listening to the original singer . "

Sophia looked at Ann and smiled before continuing, " I was stunned to find that it's one of the contestants . I then asked who the singer and I wondered if I could look at the recording . The staff was more than happy to show it to me, and I was stunned to see my beautiful baby . " Sophia touches Ann's face lovingly .

"All grown up and sings like an Angel . "-She looks at Eva who's listening intensely . -" That's how I know she could sing . "

"Wow!!!" Eva couldn't believe what she was hearing . - "I hope you would sing together a mother and daughter duet; I'm sure all your guest would love it to death . Hahaha!" Eva's face clearly showing excitement; she couldn't sit still .

Lea interjected, hoping that her two cents would count . "Yes, bestie . . . -It would be fun and a treat to all your guest to see a mother and daughter duet . What do you say?"

Ann was seriously considering what Eva and Lea suggested . However, she would need to speak to Jeff about it first, and they would decide together as a partner .

"Mom, let me ask Jeff first . If he agrees and let me sing a duet with you, then I'm fine with Eva's suggestion . Alright!"

Grandmother Tan couldn't believe what she's hearing . Beside her grand-daughter being smart, she has many talents that she doesn't know . She secretly smiled to herself, as a proud grandmother . . . -She couldn't ask for anything more . . .

While Lea and Eva were trying to encourage Ann to agree, Jeff had arrived and heard the last word Ann said . "Sweetheart, you know that whatever you want to do, is what I also want you to do . Therefore, if you like to sing a duet with mother-in-law, why not . " Jeff announces for everyone to hear before going to his wife and giving her the sweetest kiss he could conjure . . .

"Ohhhh, sooooo-sweet . . . I'm so jealous!" Lea jokingly teased the couple .

"Me too!" Eva second Lea with her teasing .

Sophia and Grandmother Tan both has a half smile on their faces . They couldn't believe their eyes that Jeff could act like that in front of other people . The Jeff they know, never smile and always wore a serious look on his face .

"Are you really the same CEO Jeff Go we know? You're not a twin are you?" Sophia had to ask jokingly, but she really wanted to know . There's a possibility since Ann is currently pregnant with twins . . .

Jeff ignored Sophia's banter, instead . . . "It's a set then, tonight a mother and daughter tandem, they would sing a duet . "

"Alright ladies, I let you all go back to what you were doing before . I'm going to inform the PR department of the changes . " Jeff got up and left the ladies and went to his study to arrange the mother and daughter singing duet . . .

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