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Chapter 294
Everything was prepared, and everyone was so excited for the concert night . This would be the first time in the history that for a pre-wedding party, a concert is going to be held .

Unfortunately, the concert was not open to the public . However, a provision was made, with the hype of the wedding a reciprocation was required to prevent the masses from retaliating . The two major television in the Country were allowed to take coverage of the concert and broadcast live feed for everyone in the to watch .

Outside the Countries would have to wait a couple of hours later, giving the priority to the locals just for one the night .

BHO and Showtune two known television companies from the United States of America had requested for exclusive rights Pay-Per-View and were granted with only one condition that the live broadcast for the first night of the concert would we postponed .

Mega Entertainment wanted to give the two best local TV stations in the Country exclusive rights and air the show for free . . . The couple's gift to the masses .

The PR department was ordered not to inform the reporters of Sophia and Ann's plan on singing a duet . They wanted to surprise all their guest who came from all over the world . It would be the highlight of the Concert, the finale . . .

The day went by very fast; all the guest that had arrived was checked thoroughly and admitted . As the night slowly creep, many of the guests was anticipating the event of the night . No one had any idea that a surprise was waiting for them when the night comes .


Meantime, the traffic on the air had decreased dramatically after one whole day . Many of the public planes were diverted to another city for landing, to accommodate the private jets and planes that had been arriving left and right .

Other reporters from all over the world camped out in various places to obtain news of the biggest wedding to come . A reporter from one of the biggest company in the USA decided to interview some locals to see their reaction .

"Excuse me, mam! I'm a reporter from NAC; I'm curious about what you think about what's happening in the Country right now?" He asked one of the passersby .

" I'm so excited; I can' wait for the concert tonight . That's why I'm in a hurry to go home right now; the broadcast would start soon . I'm sorry, but I need to go . "

The reporter asked another passerby only to get the same reply as the first interview . The reporter got curious as to what's going on? He tried one last one to see if he could get a much clearer answer .

"Excuse me, sir! Could you tell us in a few words of how you feel about what's going on locally?" He put the microphone right in front of the man's face to ensure he gets the right answer .

"I'm sorry, but I have no time right now . How about I give you my number, and after the event tonight, I would call you, and you could ask me anything then, how is that?" The man didn't even bother to with for the reporter to agree . He hurriedly jots down his cell number and then runs off .

The reporter from NCA was at lost of what's going on . He knows there's a big wedding and all, but he's not sure what's the event for the night . It could be anything, but from the way people disregarding him when he's from one of the best in the Country of the United States .

The reporter tried one last time; this time he would ask the question differently . He scanned the passerby and people that walking left to right . . .

"Sir, Mam! I'm a reporter from NCA, our home base is from the USA and would like to ask a couple of question for our broadcasting . Is that alright with you?"

One of the ladies was kind enough to stop and agreed to give an interview . "Go ahead, asks away, I don't have much time left . " She replies as sweet as she could knowing the conversation would be broadcasted in another Country .


From the Go mansion, everyone was busy getting ready . Everyone from the household would be attending the big event . No one would be staying at the house until the wedding commences and the couple flies out for their honeymoon at . . . . . [1]

[1] Where do you all want the couple to go on honeymoon?


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