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Chapter 295

The Resort was fully packed and bustling with the guest from all over the world . Rita and her crew have their hands full; they were running around like a chicken without a head . The GroomsMan and the Bridesmaids were all situated and having a pre-party cocktail by the beach . While at the other side of the Resort another pre-party was set up for the other guest that's not part of the wedding entourage .

. . .

The stage for the concert was breathtakingly and elegantly set up . The lights all hooked up, and the crew was testing the equipment making sure all was in working order . The arrangement for the concert has a seating capacity for over 1,000 guests no more . Everyone else would have to stand and watch .

A separate section was built for the Television company where they would be broadcasting the concert live . Both companies would share the same space, and they have no issue with regards to that arrangement . What matter for either of them was who would have a better view, and both of the people in charge was arguing a little too loud for Rita to hear .

Rita's between eyes crosses, and she has a stern look on her face as she walks toward the two-person arguing loudly .

"It's not right that you get all the angle and we could barely see; we should have equal footing . "

"First come first serve, it's not my fault your crew arrived late . Why are you getting mad at me?"

"Whoa-whoa-whoa! You two, please, stop this bickering, or both of your company would be kicked out . Pick your choice, either work together, or both of you leave!" Rita told them sternly while standing straight, proud and void of any emotion on her face .

The two people in charge of their respective company silently looked at each other and apologized . Once all was clear and straightened up, Rita went back to check the other area to make sure nothing was out of place . Nothing could go wrong; her entire business is on the line . She would succeed and become famous after this, she knows it, and she's over the moon thinking about it .

. . .

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Resort, Claudia, Megan, and President Tan was making a scene . The security would not let them in regardless of his relationship with the bride-to-be . The order was 'no entry without invitation, and it does not matter if it's the President of the Country . ' The head of the security following the order and enforcing it very strictly . Therefore, no matter how much President Tan tries to persuade them to contact CEO Albert Tan, no one bothers to do so .

"I'm sorry, President Tan, but unless you have an invitation, we cannot let you in . Please, give way for the guest with invitations to enter . Thank you!" The head of the security politely asked them to move away .

"No! I'm not moving until you contact my cousin CEO, Albert Tan . He's the father of the bride to be, and I'm her Uncle, why can't I enter and attend the wedding?" President Tan insisted, his voice was loud that another guest was whispering and mocking him from behind .

"Excuse me, Mr . whoever you are . You are delaying the whole process . Would you please, make way if you don't have an invitation . Look . . . -It's indicated that if you don't have an invitation, you cannot enter . Can you read!" A guest from behind him pointed toward the big screen in front of them with flashing sign " No invitation, No Entry!"

President Tan was unable to refute the guest from behind, what she's saying was the truth, and there's nothing he could do about it . He has no option but to retreat and contact Ceo Albert Tan .

Unfortunately, Albert was not available to take his call at all . He then tried to call Grandmother Tan, without success as well . "WTF!!!" Was all he could utter, while Claudia and Megan who was doing their best to be inconspicuous were sweating like a maniac .

The disguise that was in place on their faces were made of rubber and with the heat of almost 80deg . Celsius, both were dying . . .

"President Tan . . . Maybe we should leave first and come back later once you get and an invitation card from the Tan family . The heat is killing me, and I'm about to collapse . " Megan pleadingly asked while constantly wiping sweat on her face .

"That's right Father; It's best if we get out of here right now before I, myself passed out from this heat . " Claudia also pleadingly complained to President Tan .

Claudia whose continually wiping the sweat from her face did not realize what was happening . Some of the disguises started to peel off from her face and her true identity beginning to show . . .