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Chapter 296
Claudia kept on wiping her face due to the sweat that keeps on dripping . However, she did not realize that her true identity is about to be revealed to the masses if she was not careful . Megan was also doing the same thing . However, she was much smarter than Claudia and saw what was happening . "Oh, shit! It's not right; we would get caught if they found us out . '

She pulled Claudia to a more secluded area a little far away from the crowd . "We better get out of here before we get in trouble . Look!" She showed Claudia the peeled off part of the makeup . When Claudia saw it, she started ranting and almost let out a scream . "N-no-no! Let get out of her, now!!!!" She was panicking when she realizes what happened .

President Tan heard Claudia's scream and rushed to her directly to find out what's going on . "What's going on? Why are you screaming? Did you lose your mind or something, you know you're a wanted person right now, and here you are announcing to the whole world . "

President Tan grabs Claudia's arms and drags her away from the prying eyes of the onlookers, before scolding her for screaming .

*Huh, huh, huh* "Look at this!"- Claudia shows a piece of the peeled-off rubber from the disguised . "

President Tan has no sympathy at all . For him, Claudia is only a piece of the pawn his laying out to achieve his goal of obtaining the position of CEO of Tan Corporation . For him, the power that comes with the title was more important than this useless daughter of him .

"Let's get out of here before someone figures out who the two of you and get me into trouble in return . " President Tan said it with a clenched jaw .

Claudia and Megan hurriedly follow President Tan, they needed him, and no matter how much he scolded them, they never retaliate for one reason, and one reason only . He's the only one that could help them enter the Resort .

The trio made it as far as the dock where the boat is waiting for them to take them back to the City when they were stopped from boarding .

"President Tan? You are President Tan, Am I correct?" A man asked President Tan sternly while staring at Claudia and Megan .

"That's me, and who may I ask is asking?" President Tan hear rate started increasing rapidly .

"President Tan, you are under arrest . You have the right to remain silent, anything you say . . . . " The man started reading the Miranda Rights with a straight face without batting an eye .

"W-wait-wait! What's this all about? Why am I being arrested?" President Tan was panicking and unsure of what to do .

The man grabs President Tan's to arms and put it behind his back, before putting handcuffs on him .

Claudia and Megan started shaking and was about to bolt and run for their life . However, before they had the chance, the rest of the men from the group surrounded them and blocked their escape route .

"Where do you think you two going? Not thinking of escaping, are you?" One of the man bunters .

Claudia started screaming and yelling, trying to fight off the man from putting handcuffs on her . She had forgotten that she's supposed to be a man and cried with her original voice .

"Let me go!!! You bastard, let me go!!!" Claudia was yelling while kicking all her might, with her original voice, not realizing what she had done .

Megan is a different matter; she's used to this scene in the past . She stands still quietly, not saying a word .

When one of the men came closer to her, she put her hands behind her and turned around to let him put handcuffs without saying a word . Suddenly she started laughing hard before ranting . "Claudia! Do stop the whining and accept it, it's the end of the road for us . Give it a rest; you're giving me a headache . "

Claudia stopped whining, long enough to retorted back to Megan's word . "You do what you want, but I'm not done yet!" She then looked toward the direction of the Resort before yelling out loud .


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