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Chapter 297
Claudia couldn't accept that she was caught once again . She was screaming hysterically for everyone to hear and from the way she's acting, it seems that she had lost it and having a mental breakdown .

President Tan was shaking his head as he was staring at Claudia . He couldn't believe that his plan did not work and now he might even lose his Presidency at Tan Corporation all because of her . The bastard daughter, the one that he could care less if she's dead or alive .

"Phwe!" President Tan 'spat' towards Claudia "What a useless bastard! I should have never acknowledged you at all . I would not have been in this predicament, you are a stroke of pure bad luck, rot in hell for all I care!"

Megan who's watching the whole thing just smirked and ushered the officer to take her in custody . "Let's go; I had enough of this drama . The longer I watch, the more it makes my stomach turn, I'm feeling nauseated now and might vomit if we stay longer . "

President Tan, Claudia Tan, and Megan Wright was taken in custody by the Police and would be turned over to the local FBI once they arrive in the City .

. . .

Meanwhile, at Mega World Headquarters, a report was received in regards to the apprehension of the trio . They rapidly informed Jeff regarding the matter and waited for his instructions on how it should be released to the public .

"Prepare a report and provide it to all of social media, newspapers, and TV stations . I want the masses to know that they are caught and back in jail . That's my order!" Jeff hurriedly finished the conversation so he could share the good news with his family .

Jeff didn't have to worry about informing his family . Once Ronald received the report at his desk, he hurriedly created a group message for everyone in the family .

@everyone: [Good news! Claudia and Megan in custody along with President Tan . No more villain, their story is done . May they rot in jail . . . ] He then . . . hit send .

Everyone in the family received the message, and all their reaction was almost identical . . . They first sighs, then hurriedly replied to the chat group for everyone to see . Everyone responded with the same word it's so funny . "Yes!!!!"

. . . .

At the same time, at the Mansion, Ann and Jeff were getting ready to go to Mega Entertainment to practice . The decision to sing a duet was agreed and in place, with one problem . Ann hadn't sung a song and a while, meaning she's out of practice and to rectify the situation, they agreed to meet up at Mega World Entertainment in an hour to practice before going to the Resort .

Sophia was already at the recording studio when Ann and Jeff arrived at Mega Entertainment . Edna was waiting for them at the entrance, as soon as they enter, she then locked the door behind them before accompanying them to the location of the Studio .

Ann did not ask any question, even though she was curious as to why the whole place was empty . Not even a security guard around, when it should be filled with trainees and employees .

Jeff saw the look on Ann's face and decided to inform her . "I informed the management to close for today; I don't know anyone around . We want this to be a surprise tonight and if anyone gets an idea, who knows what could happen . It's better safe than sorry . " He finished with a quick kiss on her lips .

"Oh! Thank you, sweetheart! It has been a long time since I last sang a song and I'm not sure how I would sound right now . Hehe, he!"

Edna who's listening to the two couldn't help herself but secretly smile to herself then shake her head . 'This couple is the real deal, a match made in heaven . Anyone that could see them would know how much they love each other . Ahhh, to be young once again . ' She thought to herself as they stroll toward the studio .

Sophia was busy giving instructions to the music director and his assistant when they arrived . A big smile pops up from her beautiful face when she saw them . "You're here! Good, we could start . " She reached out for Ann's hand and ushered her in, inside the sound booth .

"Nervous? Don't be; it's nothing . . . sing naturally like you did before and all will be fine . " She gave Ann's hand a little squeeze for assurance before motioning to the sound manager to start .

Ann took a look at the sheet of paper in front of her and smiled after reading the song that they will be performing together . "It's one of my favorite songs, thank you for choosing this one . "

"Hahaha! What a coincidence, it's my favorite song as well . I always wanted to dedicate this song to you every time I have sung it in one of my concerts . " Sophia said it with a little tear started forming in her eyes .

Jeff gave his wife a thumbs up signal and blow her a kiss, hoping for her to relax . Ann saw it and acted like she's catching the kiss then put her hand by her heart before blowing a kiss back to her husband .

The couple gesture was being witnessed by everyone at the studio, and all had an awed look on their faces . Sophia couldn't stop herself and commented . "Ahhh, so sweet . . . " She teased her daughter .

"Mother!" Ann exclaims while blushing for getting caught in the act .


"As I could be, let us start!" Ann excitedly answered .

The music starts . . .

Ann starts: "hmmm . . . hmmm . . hmmm . '

[1] For all those times you stood by me . . .

For all the truth that you made me see . . .

For all the joy you brought to my life . . .

For all the wrong that you made right . . .

For every dream, you made come true . . .

I'm everything I am . . .

Because you loved me . . . Ann then pointed towards Jeff who's so immersed with her singing . . .

[1] 'Because You Love me,' is a song by Celine Dion . Source: Google

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