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Chapter 298

Because you loved me . . . Sophia and Ann sang the song from their heart, for the people they love .

That was not enough; After Ann pointed to Jeff she put her hands together and made a heart shape before raising her hand for Jeff and everyone outside to see . . . Follow with her saying without a word, " I LOVE YOU!" While looking straight into his soul . . .

*Clap! Clap! Clap*

*Clap! Clap Clap*

*Clap! Clap Clap*

*Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!*

Jeff, Edna, the music director, and his assistant were all applauding with their hands excitedly . Edna's face was full of tears; she couldn't stop it no matter how hard she strives .

Jeff's heart was about to explode from happiness; what his currently feeling is indescribable . Without realizing what was happening, his face becomes wet from his tearful eyes .

"How was it?" Ann took off the headphone she was wearing then asked through the microphone with her gentle, bright voice .

The music director was unable to reply right away; he was still emotionally disordered and incapable of expressing a word . He raised his hand and signaled with a thumbs up to Sophia and Ann to let them know that all was flawless .

Sophia was still emotionally stirred; she stood there calmly for a while before she found her voice . "That was . . . " She couldn't hold any longer and drew her daughter and embraces her as snug as she could .

"I'm sorry! *huh-huh-huh* I'm genuinely sorry for all the misery that I had caused you, I hope, I hope . . , that you would find it in your heart to forgive me . . . Maybe not right now, but someday . . . someday, perhaps?"

Ann wasn't able to respond; she's not sure what precisely she's feeling at the moment . Only one thing she understands for sure; she doesn't despise her any longer .

Instead of responding in words, Ann hugged Sophia back as tight as she could . They stood there for a moment longer before they went out of the sound booth still embracing one another .

"We are ready!" Sophia and Ann said in agreement . They looked at each other and then, "Hahaha!" "Hahaha!"

It was all set, they would be singing 'Because you loved me, by Celine Dion' Everyone accepted without a doubt .


The night ultimately arrives, the performance hall wholly crowded to the maximum capacity . All one thousand seats occupied, while many more guests were standing, they didn't care one bit that they had no accommodation, standing was excellent as long as one could say they were there at the most prominent wedding pre-party .

Seating at the front was Ann's VIP guest . They flew from all over the world . They were the people that had been with her and Jeff from the beginning .

They were the people who had supported them to the end . [ The people mentioned above were the readers of this book . Yes! You, the readers! ]


The lights dimmed, then a voice was heard throughout the hall .

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I'm your MC for the night . " The voice loudly announces his entry .

A spotlight was turned on and pointed towards a man walking toward the middle of the stage . "Are you all ready to have fun? Let's hear it!" He pointed the microphone towards the audience . "Let me hear you! Are you ready?" He loudly shouted to the crowd .



"We are ready!!!!"

The crowd was all loud and passionately shouted back .

The light was accompanying him as he strolls around the stage, still unclear who he is since he had not mentioned his name . Once again, he blatantly asked the masses . . . "Are you ready?"

The audience responded the same way .

"Alright, no farther ado, please welcome our first performer of the night . I'm sure this person does not need introductions . He's famous all over the world and his half Filipino and half Puerto Rican . Please, give him a round of applause .

The audience wasn't sure who the singer is until he came out and a melody began playing, and he started singing .

[1] "It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you

Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice

Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you…

Everyone was going wild, having an internationally famous person singing in front of them in a pre-wedding party was historical indeed .

After he completed singing, he gave his congratulations to the bride and groom to be . "To CEO Jeff Go and Miss Ann Wen, may you have a blissful life together . Congratulation . " He then rapidly withdrew to the back and exit before he gets besieged by his fans .

"Were you all surprised? Guess what; we are not finished yet, that was just the opening . Our next performer is . . . "

The line up was terrific; the following singers were the best among the best singers in the Country .

The whole events were broadcasted live, and everyone in the entire Country was glued in front of their television .

Same way as when the National Boxer of the Country have fights . The whole Country takes a break only to watch their hero fight for the honor of the Country .

Then it was the finale; everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, along with the millions of people that watched the live broadcast . They thought it was the end and everyone was already slowly getting up ready to start partying hard .

Suddenly the light becomes dimmed once again, and the voice of the MC once again echoed throughout the whole place .

"Are you ready to rumble!!!!" The MC shouted . "Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly give to you . . . , A mother and daughter duo, singing for us tonight . . .

"Our bride to be and Asia's Diva . . . Miss Ann Wen and Sophia Wen . "

Everyone was stunned and speechless for a moment; then they started cheering loudly .



Sophia and Ann walked from both sides of the stage . "I dedicated this song to the man I love, and to my family," Ann announced before the melody started playing .

They started singing as they were walking in toward the center of the stage . Once they reached the center of the stage, they stood there like a Queen and Princess beautiful and elegant, while singing their heart out for everyone in the world to hear .

The song ended, but the audience was still engrossed that they only sat there quietly unable to move, speak or do anything . Not until the MC said something that they all started cheering and requesting for an encore . . .

"More!!! We want more!!!"

While all the audience were asking for more, handsomely looking Jeff walked out on the stage and gave his wife a resounding kiss for everyone to see . He then took the microphone from the MC .

"I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but I could only agree to one song . Therefore, please excuse us if I steal my bride to be away . " He then lifted Ann and carried her like a Princess and walked off the stage . . .

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