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Chapter 299
"Ohhhh . . . That's so sweet, and I want one of him!" An audience shouted .

"CEO Go, it's not too late yet; I'm free if you change your mind!" Another guest shouted .

" Keep on dreaming girl, can you see he only has eyes for her!" Someone shouted back to the guest that offering herself to Jeff .

"Hey! it doesn't hurt to ask, who knows I might get lucky and my dream would come true . Hahaha!" The girl banter for everyone to hear .




Many of the guests thought it was funny and started laughing . Everyone follow suits and laugh out loud while cheering the couple as Jeff walked out of the stage carrying his pregnant wife .

From the onlooker point of view, Jeff was showing off to the whole Country how much he adored his wife to be . Unknown to them the real reason behind his action .

He's overprotective of his wife and babies, He doesn't like the idea that she's wearing high heels, what if she tripped and end up having a miscarriage, he couldn't imagine it at all .

Once Jeff and Ann were out of sight, Sophia decided to have fun and give the guest an encore .

"Well, since my son-in-law took away my partner, do you all mind if I continued by myself?" She asked acting pitiful, but with a beautiful smile plaster on her face .




That's all Sophia needed to hear, her group came up on the stage and she did a mini concert for everyone to enjoy .

The night was a success; everyone in the whole country was glued in front of their television watching how it unfolds . Once the concert was over, the two TV stations continued their coverage of the party until Rita had stopped them .

Many of the guests were famous personalities and influential people, and their identities must be protected at all cost . It's one of the order Jeff had given to Rita, to ensure that no coverage after the concert .

Jeff and Ann had to stay and mingles with the guest, Lea and Eva were in charge of all the bridesmaid while Ronald and Ethan were in charge of all the GroomsMan .

Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan were in charge of all the elders and prominent guest, while Albert Tan and Sophia was the spoke person for the couple .

Rita had created an area for Jeff and Ann to sit comfortably like a King and Queen . However, as a protocol, they have to mingle and great all their guest .

Jeff's very smart to have a flat shoe ready for Ann right after the duet, once they were out of sight, he kneeled and took off the high heels and replaced it with the flat shoe . One of the crew had taken a picture of the act and posted it in social media without them knowing .

Young, old, girls, boys, bakla or tomboy [gay or lesbian] wanted to be either one of them . . . It's a picture perfect . Jeff kneeling made him look like the prince in a fairy tale, 'Cinderella . '

The caption that the crew had written:

[When the Prince was looking for the woman that would fit the shoes . ]

"Ohhh . . . , Ahhhh . . . , I want to be her . . . " Someone commented

"Me first!!!" Another written .

The picture taken went viral in a matter of minutes . It was tweeted, and re-tweeted, one after another .


The beautiful couple walked around hand and hand while they greeted all their guest . The first area they went to was at the front where all of their VIP guests were seating .

"Hello, everyone!" Jeff and Ann greeted them in unison .

"Thank you for inviting me to the wedding, It's an honor," [1]Xing_Zheng said politely and a little embarrassed while shaking hand with Ann first then Jeff .

Dark_Kuro who was seating next to Skully, jab him in his middle section . "Don't you think she's as beautiful as your idols?"

"WTF! Why did you do that for?"-He looks at Ann's direction before replying to [2]Dark_Kuro . -"Yes, yes, yes! and no!" Skully got up from his seat and reached out to shake Jeff's hand first before embracing Ann without warning . "She's much more beautiful than my idols!" He declared with a grin plastered on his handsome face .

Ann blushed from his comments and gave Skully a smile in return . "Thank you! That's so sweet of you, and if I'm not already taken, I might fall for you . Hahaha!" Ann jokingly told him .

Jeff's face turned blue and purple while smoke started to come out of his nostril . He was eating vinegar from the way the two was having a conversation . While glaring at [3]Skully, he pulled Ann away from him . "We still have many guest sweetheart; let's get a move on . "

Ann greeted everyone once again and thanked them for supporting them all the way to the end . . . .

Authors note:

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