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Chapter 30

Jeff introduces her to everyone, the first one is the gentleman sitting on the far end of the sofa his name is Albert Tan he is the CEO of xingxing navigation group: " nice to meet you!" Shakes her hand but hold it for a while longer . Ann felt it in her bone that there's something wrong the way he looks at her then looks at the woman sitting next to him curiously .

The second one that Jeff introduces her was the young girl about her age, beautiful and slender with very soft milky white skin just like that woman "her Mother" Ann was wondering what is their relationship with each other, they have a lot of similarities" is she her daughter?" Ann thought .

The interaction was very brief . Her name is Claudia she's "CEO Tan," daughter from his first marriage so, in reality, she does not have any relationship with her mother by Blood . "Claudia is my step-sister" . Ann thought

Lastly, the anticipated introduction with her mother arises, first she didn't want to even shake hands with her but she does not have any choice so she just touches the hand very lightly and then let go very quickly . The atmosphere in the whole room was very tense .

The other side of the room Lea & Roland just watching anticipating what's going to happen next .

Now that you know each other I'd like to introduce our new spokesperson for the whole company: " Ann Wen" everyone applauded except for Claudia who still upset because she didn't get the contract as the new spokesperson of the company . "You just wait, copycat, the contract will fall into my hand along with Ceo Go, you're a nobody and will stay a nobody until the end" Claudia daydreaming this and looking straight to Jeff like she wants to eat him alive .

Sophia saw all this and she had a feeling that Claudia will create a problem for everyone including her and especially to her biological daughter, she will need to watch this kid closely .

Once the introduction was over Jeff got up and informed everyone that they have a reservation into one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city and requested for everyone to join him and continue where they left off . Everyone agreed except for Ann .

"Excuse me, CEO Jeff, may I speak with you for a moment thank you!" Ann asks nonchalantly .

Jeff agrees to her request then ordered Ronald to take everyone to the restaurant and they will follow suit in a little bit . Sophia was hesitant to leave at first because she wanted to have a moment with Ann . "Oh well, she will talk to her later when they arrive in the restaurants" she then got up and start heading to the door followed by the father and daughter and Leah and Ronald .

As soon as everyone left Jeff turned Ann around grabbed her by her waist and hugged her very tight started kissing her Softly then deeper deeper deeper he couldn't get enough of her he wanted to take her right there and then, unfortunately, someone might walk in on them so he just went to the second option he grabbed her pulled her to the couch and set her in his lap snuggled with her and start kissing her behind her ears her neck her shoulder .

Ann couldn't think straight for what Jeff is doing to her he's making her hot wanting more . Jeff stop, please we need to talk . "Okay, talk what are you want to talk about?"

I want to know what is the relationship of those people with your company, why are they here with you when I arrive? Ann ask Jeff seriously

"To be honest with you it's a very long story and there's too much detail that we can't get into it right now just wait until we get home tonight and I will tell you everything okay" . Jeff continued kissing her collarbone, the back of her neck her earlobes then back down above her cleavage then stopped right in the middle where he can see the two mountain trying to pick out of the dress she's wearing

" what does he mean by that? We will talk later when we get home, what home? Who's home is he talking about? He's not seriously thinking we're going to be living together, does he? We need to talk about this too, he better not be getting the wrong idea" Ann told herself .

Jeff had stopped what he's doing to Ann awhile already and was just looking at his wife lovingly, suddenly a call from Lea telling her that they are waiting so they can start eating . She was embarrassed to the max even though they did not do anything wrong