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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:02 PM

Chapter 300

While the pre-wedding party was in full blast, at the entrance of the Resort, the reporter was camping out, and they were also enjoying themselves . Ann instructed Rita to arranges platters after platters of food and drinks for them to enjoy .

Even though they were not allowed to enter the venue, they were there to cover their wedding, and Ann doesn't feel right for them to go hungry while giving them free publicity for the Mega World Intl . Group of Company .

A tent was set up for them, a portable bathroom, and a washroom was built for their comfort .

Since they were not allowed inside the Resort, the Mega World PR department had made sure they would only have nothing but good to report .

Reporters from all over the world couldn't stop praising the couple and wishing them the best of life could offer . All reports that were submitted in regards to the wedding talk about nothing but a good thing, anyone read or watch the news about the pre-wedding party wishing they could be there in person .

Every detail of the pre-wedding party was reported to the masses . Pictures after pictures, video after video were submitted to their headquarters to ensure they get the front pages or the headlines . Each reporter has their style of reporting . However, no matter how different each and everyone reported, all have the same headings . "The wedding of the century, a match made in heaven . "


The next day, a huge banquet was prepared for all the guest to enjoy . The white sand beach was a sight to see . Sexy bodies, muscular abs with not just six but eight packs, were all flaunted to the naked eye to feast, is like a paradise full of beautiful people .

Rita outdid herself with arranging varieties of games for the guest to play . The best one was the treasure hunt for children and adult . Children would be accompanied by an adult and search the whole island for treasure .

The winner would receive a paid vacation to their choice of destination, as long as is not the Moon, Mega World Intl . Group of Company would send them at no cost .

When Bentong and Don-Don heard about the game and the price, both rush to find Grandfather Go and Grandmother Tan to enter the contest . Bentong went to Grandmother Tan, and Don-Don went to Grandfather Go, both the boys couldn't contain their excitement, they wanted to win badly . A plan was already formed, and they already know the destination vacation they would choose if and when they win .

"Grandpa, let join please! I already know where I want to go . . . Disney World! The one in Orlando Florida, I checked it out, and it's the biggest one in the whole world . " Don-Don's face was full of excitement as he spoke .

"Yes!!!! Grandma, please . . . -let's enter the game, I know we could win this, I'm good of finding treasure . " Bentong brags while excitedly waiting for Grandma Tan to agree .

"Oh . . . really? How can you prove that your good at finding treasure, tell me?" Grandma Tan teased Bentong who's fidgeting back and forth .

"Grandma . . . ! Do I have to prove to you that I'm good?"

"Well, of course, if you want me to be your partner, I need assurance that your good or we could forget about it . " Grandma Tan's voice was full of laughter as she teased him some more .

"Geee! That's easy, and it's a given that I'm good of finding a treasure, you know why?"

Grandma bent and lowered her body, so she's face to face with Bentong . "Why?"

"It's because I found you and Grandpa, hahaha! Both of you are very rich, and it means your a treasure . . . Hahaha!"

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Grandfather Go heard what Bentong said and walked towards him before he ruffled Bentong's hair . "You are one smart boy, one hundred percent . . . -Grandma and I am was a treasure that you found . Hahaha!"

Grandma Tan embraced the young boy and kissed both of his cheeks, "Yes, my son! I'm a treasure that you found . Hehe, he!" Let's go signed up for the game .

Bentong took hold of Grandma Tan's hand and walked hand and hand together towards the registration area with the biggest smile on his young face .

Grandfather Go was going to tell Don-Don that he could go anytime he wants, no need to play the game . But, after looking at the excitements showing on his young face, he decided against it and went along with the boy's request . "What are you waiting for, do you want them to beat us? Let's go!" Grandpa Go and Don-Don followed along toward the registration area .

Once they reach the registration area, the boy's face went sullen from what they saw . There must be more than fifty children with their parents signing up for the games . All of them with young partners, how could they win .

Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go saw the faces of the two boys; they needed a backup plan . Grandpa Go motioned to Old Ron who's standing watching . "Call for reinforcement, hurry!" he whispered .

A couple of minutes later, Ronald, Lea, Ethan, and Eva came rushing . When the two boys saw them, their faces lit up like 1000 watts led lightbulb . They were grinning from ear to ear .

Bentong was partnered with Ethan and Eva, while Don-don was paired up with Ronald and Lea . The boys were overjoyed, with younger partners, for sure they would come out a winner . However, in the long run, the boys did not find the treasure, and someone else won .

The two boys sulked after that and didn't want to eat dinner . They tried just to join the festivities with the other children .

While everyone was seated at the dining table ready to have dinner, Jeff realizes the two boys were absent . He asked Mr . Butler to get the two boys without knowing what's going on . When Mr . Butler came back empty-handed, Jeff got up and went himself .

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Everyone had gotten up and followed Jeff; they stayed hidden from the boys' view and listened to how Jeff would handle his two new uncles .

Jeff didn't bother knocking, he just opened the door and stood by the threshold glaring at them . " Look, you two might be my little-uncle now, but I'm the head of the family . When I say eat, what do you need to do?" He asked sternly void of any emotion .

The two boys hurriedly got up and stood straight ' like in a military drill' in front of Jeff before replying .

"We eat sir!!!"

" I can't hear you!" Jeff said out loud .


"That's good! So, what do you need to do now?" He asked glaring at them, acting all tough .

"We go to the dining room and eat!" Both children said it in unison .

"Louder! What do you need to do now?"

"WE GO TO THE DINING ROOM AND EAT!!!" Both shouted as loud as their tiny voice could do, before following Jeff back to the dining room .

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Everyone hurriedly sat back down and waited for the trio to come in .

Jeff pointed to the boys their seat without saying a word, before seating back down next to his wife feeling proud of what he accomplished .

Everyone looked at each other first, then to Jeff and the two boys before they started laughing hard .




"Son, I'm proud of you! You will do just fine . " Albert gives a thumb up, while a wide grin plastered on his face .

Naturally, Jeff would feel proud . "I sure did, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did honey! I'm proud of you! Hahaha!" Ann teased Jeff before giving him a resounding kiss on both of his cheeks .

Laughter was heard throughout the villa, Tan and Go together as one family .

Bentong and Don-Don both found their treasure, Grandma Tan and Grandpa Go .

Each adopted one of the boys, Grandma Tan took Bentong, and Grandpa Go adopted Don-Don legally . . . They are now Jeff, Ethan and Ann's little uncle by law .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!