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Chapter 301
The next day was very hectic for everyone — too many things to do with such a short time left before the wedding day . Lucky for Ann and Jeff, everyone was helping them with all the arrangement and attending to the necessary thing to do like dress fittings for everyone involve with the wedding .

Eva and Lea had to get up early to attend to the bridesmaid trying out their gowns, while Ronald and Ethan were doing the same thing, the tuxedo's for the GroomsMan also arrived, and they need to make sure that it perfectly fit .

Grandmother Tan, Grandfather Go, Don-don, Bentong, Old Ron, and his wife were also busy . Sophia was very kind enough to lend her designer to create everyone's wedding outfit . Sophia's designer is also one of the top designers in the country; one could say that he could compete with Ann's designer M . C .

Jeff and Ann were relaxing and being lazy while everyone was running around like a chicken with no head . The wedding dress had been in Ann's possession for a while now and in a safe place along with Jeff's tuxedo . Therefore, there was nothing for them to concern themselves and took the opportunity to relax .

Jeff and Ann were relaxing by the pool taking in some sun when they suddenly heard a voice . "Hello, hello, hello! How's the bride and groom to be? Are you guys ready . . . "

Ann took out the sunglasses she had on and looked at the person that was talking nonstop since he walks in . When she saw who it is, she hurriedly got up and hugged him as a greeting .

"M . C . You're here! Oh, I'm so happy I thought you would not be able to make it, and I heard you have an international competition going on right now . But, you are here, and I'm overjoyed . " Ann was so excited that she's blabbering while she's hugging him tightly from excitement .

Jeff got up a little abruptly, separated the two and shook M . C . hand . "Thank you for coming, and we appreciate you making time for our wedding . "

M . C . laugh out loud, "hahaha! What are you talking about? I'm the one who should be grateful that you remember inviting the poor me . Hahaha!" M . C . humbly replied while shaking Jeff's hand .

"M . C . You're making me blush with your compliment, By the way, you are staying until the wedding right? You're not just stopping by to say hello, right?" Ann implored M . C . . .

"Miss . Wen, you are making me blush . You just had a celebrity sung a song at your pre-wedding party last night . I'm just a small pebble compared to him . "

Jeff was listening, the whole time M . C . and Ann were flattering each other . After a couple of minutes, he couldn't handle it anymore and ushered both of them into the parlor so they could speak comfortably .

A refreshment was already served at the parlor when they walked in . "Hmmm, that smell . . . -it's so . . . Oh, I don't know how to word it, yummy . . . !" M . C . playfully told the couple, and it made Ann's heart swelled with happiness to see M . C . sat down and started eating with gusto . . .

Jeff felt uncomfortable listening to their conversation, it's girl talk, and he has no idea what to say or do . He decided to do some necessary work while Ann was busy with M . C . He excused himself and went to the temporary office and closed the door .

M . C . was enjoying the snacks that Mr . Chef specially prepared . He then remembers the reason he stopped by before the wedding . He took out his cellphone and texted someone . Before he was finished with his snack, his assistants came with boxes after boxes . One by one it was unboxed for Ann to see .

"What is all this? M . C . , please, explain what is all these boxes of gowns and dresses?" Ann's eyes were wide with excitements while looking at what's inside instead of M . C .

M . C . put a half a smile before replying . "All of this is my gift to your wedding, my dear . I had created all these after the fashion show in New York City . " He proudly announced .

"All of this dresses was design for me? Oh . . . M . C . . . . -Thank you! Thank you, so much . " Ann took one of the dress and excitedly asked if she could try it on . M . C . nodded while he continued eating .

Ann told the assistant to follow her to their bedroom and bring a couple of boxes with her . . .

The assistant left the boxes at the bed and took off so Ann could try the dresses . Ann picked the elegant cocktail dress; it's a sleeveless and a floor length . Once she put it on, she saw the bulging stomach she now has . . . Suddenly, Ann remembers her wedding dress, and it was created when she didn't have any bulge showing . . . What is she going to do???

Author's note:

Wedding coming soon, almost at the end . . . .