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Chapter 305

The man was stunned to hear a voice shouting, "No!!! I can't let you all do that . Why don't we have both couples be our attendant . " Ann was still speaking sternly .

"I can't believe you guys were deciding without me . Hmpt!" She pouted her beautiful red lips before walking towards her husband then winked and whispered . "Thank you! "She then made a small gesture of 'I love you' sign then smile .

Jeff and Ann were doing a face time the whole time they were having a meeting . He didn't feel right deciding without his partner, so he informed Ann ahead of time before joining the conference .

Grandpa Go couldn't hide his happiness . He loves the way the couple thought of each other . "If that's what both of you wanted and everyone agrees, then it's fine . Let's do it that way . " The way he made it sound, is like he's the one came out with the idea and not Ann itself .

All agreed, and the rehearsal commenced, Lea's face lit up and so as Eva . "Oh, I'm so happy! I love you to death, BFF" She hugged Ann happily . Eva joined in with the two hugging when suddenly they heard a voice of one of the bridesmaid, and it's Komalika and Adleena .

"What's with this, you all having a hugging moment and were not included, it's not fair . " Komalika joined in with the trio hugging . "Come on, Adleena . . . let's join the hugging party . Hahaha!" Komalika shouted at Adleena who's shyly standing at the side .

Poziomowiec, one of the groomsmen who flew in from Poland encourage Adleena . "Go! What are you waiting for, stop being timid alright! You're a special guest and a good friend, go!"

"Oh, whatever! I'm not timid you know, I was trying to figure out which side I'm going so I'm hugging Ann and not Komalika . Hahaha!" Adleena walked were Ann was and joined the hugging party . . .

"Alright! That's enough, time to finish this dress rehearsal so we could have dinner . I'm hungry . " Jeff growled at the women that hugging his wife so tightly .

The rehearsal and the dinner went well, everyone enjoyed, and all have fun . It was almost 10: p . m . at night when they finally finished eating, The bridesmaid and groomsmen all decided to go to the club inside the Resort to continue the party .

Since the wedding is the next day, Ann and Jeff didn't join the after-dinner party and bid everyone goodbye . Grandmother Tan, Grandfather Go, Sophia, and Albert Tan all went back to the villa to have an early night .

Once they arrive at the villa, everyone was ready to go to their room when Grandmother Tan suddenly shouted . "Where do you think your going young man?" She was talking to Jeff who was ready to go up the stair with his wife .

Jeff stopped and turned around with a blank look on his face . "Me?" While pointing to himself .

"Yes, you! Who else is a young man here? Surely not your Father-in-law and not your grandfather . So, I'm talking to you!" Grandmother Tan replied sternly still glaring at Jeff .

Sophia, Albert and Grandfather Go were all staring at Grandmother Tan wondering what's going on .

Grandmother Tan enlighten them, " It's a tradition, and you all should know this, why are you all looking at me like I'm crazy?"

The night before the wedding, it'a tradition for the couple to separate and not see each other until the wedding day . Jeff didn't like the idea, but he has no choice whatsoever . No matter how much he argues with the elders, he couldn't win . Tradition is tradition, and they must follow . . .

Ann felt so sorry for her husband, but what could she do when Grandmother Tan was adamant that Jeff sleep in another room and they shouldn't see each other until the wedding . "It's alright Honey, after the wedding day, we would never sleep apart ever again . Alright!" She whispered to Jeff who's still sulking, before kissing him so sweetly . "Goodnight!"

"This is bullshit! We are already married, why do we have to follow that stupid tradition . I couldn't understand your grandmother; that's all!" He grumbles as he walks toward his appointed room with a sour look on his face .




Grandfather Go, Albert Tan, and Sophia all laughing hard the way Jeff was acting . They all decided to teased him more as he walked away .

"Don't worry will keep your wife company, she won't be alone tonight . hahaha!" Sophia shouted .

Jeff texted Ronald and Ethan to come to his room when they come back after the party . If he's going to suffer, he's going to make sure that the two should be with him all the way .

The two received the tex and wonders what's going on . "What does he mean by going to his room when we get back to the villa?" Ethan asked Ronald who also has no idea what is going on .

Lea and Eva already knew what's going on, Ann had texted them already and the same way, she asked them to come to her room .

The two couples skipped out of the party while everyone was not paying attention . While seating inside the Resort van service, the men complained the same way as Jeff . "Why do we have to suffer, we are only groomsmen, we are not the one getting married . It's not fair!" Ethan complained .

"What are you complaining about, you're his younger brother, it's right that you join him in suffering . I'm only the assistant, not blood related, why do I have to suffer too?" Ronald complained louder than Ethan .



Both Eva and Lea jointly laugh out loud . They were laughing for the way the two were acting now . Both were only brave to speak out when Jeff's not around . However, once they were in front of the big man, they old turned to a kitten .

"You two, stop complaining, it's not going to do any good anyway . Once we get back to the villa, you would be accompanying big boss to his misery tonight . Hahaha!" Lea banters before giving Ronald a quick kiss on his lips .

The night before the wedding day, not only the groom who slept alone, so as the two best men . . .

Meanwhile, the three ladies decided to have slumbered party, they pampered each other and all three slept together in one bed . . .