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Chapter 306
The day of the wedding, the guest from all over the world were all up early in the morning getting ready . Now that the threat of any danger was gone, they were able to lift the high security that was implemented at the beginning .

Jeff ordered to let a certain amount of local reporters to cover the wedding . However, the deal still stands, one company in the USA collaborates with Mega World Entertainment for the pay-per-view . Millions of viewer had subscribed; it's in a report that it is expected to gross over 100 hundred million dollars .

Mega World International Group of Company announces to the media that 50 percent of their cut from the income generated would be donated to the country as a wedding present of the couple to the people of the Philippines .

Once the news was announced, people all over the world were willing to pay to view the biggest wedding in the history of the country to help boost the economy . To make it much more exciting for the viewer, they provided some names of the guest . Mostly the famous and significant people only .

Therefore, once the live broadcasting of the wedding started, everyone who subscribed was glued in front of their television just like when the famous National Boxer of the country have fights .

Commentator and broadcaster were also having a blast seeing many famous personalities, along with the viewers who keep on saying, "Whoa . . . Wow!" Each time a renowned person face was spotted .

The red carpet at the entrance of the resort was filled with a guest from all walks of life . Each guest would be stopped for a picture taken before going into the venue . All the reporters were having a blast, each time a new guest arrives . Rita decided to make it more exciting by giving a copy of some of the names of the guest so the reporters would be excited to cover the event .

One reporter was reading the list when she started joyfully screaming . "Oh, my God! OMG!!!" I can't believe it, and she's coming . . . She's one of the guests . The reporter hurriedly made sure she's in the position when that person arrives . She would not want to miss it for the world .

It was the time to begin the wedding already; however, they were unable to start, due to many guests still arriving .

There was a helicopter landing pad for the exceptional guest, helicopter after a helicopter was coming and going, one after another .

Suddenly, reporters started screaming . . . "She's here!!! She's here!!!" The camera's started clicking, and all focused on the famous person in front of them .

"Please, give the viewer a nice pose please!!!" One newscaster shouted to the famous person that just arrived .

She complied and stood proud in front of all the reporters and gave them the sweetest smile . The waived as she walked toward the venue . She was greeted by Rita at the entrance and showed where she would be during the wedding ceremony .

Rita was acting all professional, but deep inside she was fangirling . A legendary person right in front of her is a dream come true . "This way please!"

Once she had the famous person safely hidden from the other guest, she went back out to wait for a couple more important person .

Just in time that she arrives back at the entrance, the respected and famous National hero of the country comes with his family . Rita was feeling proud to usher them to their seating area .

Next to arrive was Grandfather Go's special guest . The King and Queen of Estonasia and with them was their entourage . They were followed by the President of the country with all his bodyguards .

Finally, the wedding was about to begin . Rita ordered her assistant to inform Jeff and his two best men to come to the front . The assistant contacted the crew that was on stand by, to notify the groom that it's time to begin .

Jeff, Ethan, and Ronald walked proudly to the front and stood to wait for their respective partners .

While waiting for the Bride to be someone was playing the piano for entertainment .
Everyone was having a wonderful time, chatting with one another while waiting for the wedding to start . . .


Then it was the time . . . However, the music suddenly stopped, and the man that was playing the piano was replaced by what it seems to be a foreign man . The man looks at Jeff and gives him a thumbs up before he started playing around with the key of the piano .

After a couple of seconds, he started playing . The flower girl started the procession, and the wedding has begun . . .

The singer started singing as the flower girls walk and spreading petals after petals of flowers .

[1]I found a love for me . . .
Darling dive right in
And follow my lead
Well, I found a girl beautiful and sweet . . .
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
Because we were just kids when we fell in love . . .

People knew who the singer was once they heard his voice and the song . Jeff especially asked him to sing the song on his wedding, and the singer gladly agreed . The singer was more than happy to be part of this wedding that's being broadcast all over the world . [Jeff had paid him handsomely]

The procession continued while he was singing, he kept on until all the bridesmaid, and the two maids of Honors was in their proper standing position .

Finally, it was Albert and Ann's turn . She stood beautifully next to his father, and she has her hands hook onto his elbow, waiting at the end of the aisle for the wedding march to begin playing . However, . . .

[1] [Perfect by Ed Sheeran]