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Chapter 307

However, instead of the wedding march, another singer started singing a beautiful song . It was a male song, and the melody was beautiful, and the meaning of the song was sipping right into Ann's soul . She couldn't help herself but fell in love more to the man she's about to marry .

[1] From the day that you arrived

I had no idea you'd be my life

But when I looked into your eyes

Then another voice joined the original singer, with a voice so soft and full of emotion . When Ann and everyone from the audience looked where the sound was coming from, they were all stunned to find out that Jeff was holding the microphone and singing his heart out while looking straight to where Ann and Albert are standing still .

"I knew someday, and you'd be my wife .

I know there are times when I am wrong

And you know there are times when I am right

Just as long as we both give it all we can

And for both to see that we try

You took my heart so unexpectedly

Who knew that you would be the one

But I always knew that there was something special about you

From the day that you walked into my life

Though I sit and wonder why

I'm the one to love you day and night

And then I come to realize

There's a reason you are my life

But I always knew that there was something special about you

From the day that you walked into my life . . . [I knew someday, you'd be my wife . . . ]

Everyone was emotionally touched from the way Jeff announced to the world how much he adores and loves the woman that's walking down the aisle . Ann was overwhelmed and unable to move for a moment; Albert had to nudge her to remind her to continue proceeding .

Albert and Ann continued walking towards where Jeff was standing singing his heart out for the whole world to see . They were about to reach him when the song ended, and finally, the wedding march has begun playing . . .

"Tan, tan, Taran . . . tan, tan, Taran . . . "

"Tan, tan, Taran . . . tan, tan, Taran . . . "

Albert and Ann, finally reach the altar where Jeff was waiting . Albert hand over Ann to Jeff whose showing all his love on his handsome face .

"I'm giving you my daughter, but in return, I'm also gaining a son . Love one another and give us lots of grandchildren . " Was all Albert could say at the moment, his too emotionally affected as he gives Ann to Jeff . Before turning around to sit down where Sophia was waiting, he embraced his daughter as tight as he could . "Love with all your heart and don't let anyone take that away from you . "

Jeff took Ann's hand, "Only death would be able to take me away . I promise you that . " He told Albert with a face full of tender emotion as he looks straight at his wife .

Jeff and Ann stood in front of the whole world face to face . The President of the Country stood up and went behind the podium to officiate the wedding .

The President proudly stood and greeted everyone before starting the proceeding . After reading what the law said about marriage, etc . . . He took a breather first before continuing,

"If there is anyone who thinks that they should not be married, stand up now or forever hold your piece . " Everyone looked around quietly, looking if anyone stood up .

After a moment Grandfather Go shouted . "Anyone tries to stop this wedding, or you would wish you have never been born! Continue the wedding, Please!"




Everyone thought it was hilarious and started laughing . . .

The officiation of the wedding continues, and finally, it was official, they signed the marriage certificates in front of the whole world to see . In the eye of the law of the country where there's no divorce only annulment, they become husband and wife officially .

After the President, it was the priest turn to tie the knot of the couple . They recite the bow in the name of God and everyone watching . . .

The priest recited the whole bow of marriage, while Ann and Jeff looked at each other full of love .

Then it was time for the preacher to ask the big question, "Jeffrey Go, do you accept Ann Wen Tan as your beloved wedded wife . . . etc . . . ?

"I DO!" He replies in a heartbeat .

"Whoa! CEO Go, she's yours already, no need to rush . Hahaha!" Someone from the Audience Jokingly shouted .

The preacher then looked at Ann and asked the same question . "Ann Wen Tan, do you accept Jeffrey Go to be your wedded husband . . . etc . . ?"

Ann paused for a moment, looked at Jeff straight in his eyes, before . "I DO!!!" Yelling out loud for everyone in the whole world to hear . . .




Then the preacher continued on with the wedding and made the announcement . . . By the power vested in me . . .

[2] BRIDE and GROOM, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made . It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife .

You have kissed a thousand times, maybe more .

But today the feeling is new .

No longer directly partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and can now seal the agreement with a kiss .

Today, your kiss is a promise .

You may kiss the bride .

Jeff slowly lifted the bail and at first kisses his wife soft and slowly, then hard and breathless .

Everyone clapped their hand and cheer . . . They are now officially Mr . and Mrs . Jeffrey Go in the eye of the Law, God and the whole world . . .



Everyone from the audience was shouting to the couple . . .

Authors note:

Apology if I had to put the lyric of the song . Unfortunately, it's a must and no way around it .

[1] Jeff Bennet - Be The One (You are my destiny)