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Chapter 309

Nassau Bahamas:

The newlyweds were in their six-month honeymoon and currently docked at Nassau Bahamas when Ann received a phone call from her best friend / Manager Lea crying her heart out .

"Friend, *huh huh, huh,*" Lea was sobbing hard that she was strutting the words that come out of her mouth . Ann was having issue comprehending what she was saying, add the noise from the sea and Jeff playing with her earlobes, the only thing she could understand was her crying none stop .

"Lea, as much as I love you and happy to hear from you . If you don't speak up anytime soon, I will be hanging up!" Ann threatened Lea for her to speak up .

"Friend, I have a problem . . . and . . . Do you think you could . . - like . . . , make a detour with your honeymoon and accompany me to meet with my brothers?" Lea asked, still in tears .

"What? What's the problem, why do you need me to accompany you only to meet with Logan and Lucas? Spill the beans; what did you do?" Ann was anxiously bombarding Lea with questions without letting out air as she speaks .

Lea was contemplating if she should let Ann know the truth now or lie and tell her later? "You see . . . since the day after your wedding three months ago, until now . . . " She paused and started sobbing loud and hard, and it's breaking Ann's heart and making her anxious as to what's going on?

"Lea, how about this, tell me what you want . Forget about giving me the reason, and we could talk about that later, why not just tell me what you want me to do and we will go from there . Alright!" It's the best comforting word Ann could conjure at the moment . This is the only way she knows how to stop Lea from crying her butt off .

Lea suddenly stopped crying and with brightly smiling, asked Ann her favor . " Were flying out to Washington D . C . to meet with Logan and Lucas and I need allies, will you come and be one for me? Please!!!"

"Hold on! Let me put you on speaker . " Ann turned on the speakerphone so Jeff could hear what she was saying .

"Alright! Go ahead and speak, Jeff is here listening . "

Lea suddenly stopped breathing, unsure of how she should ask . . . Jeff would kill her for sure when he sees her . But it's essential and life at stake, so Lea has no choice but to find the courage and speak up before they hang up on her . 'Here goes nothing' "Big Boss, I'm sorry to interrupt your honeymoon . But I'm really in big trouble right now, and I need both of your help . Please!" Lea made her voice so pathetic that Jeff was smiling secretly with his wife .

"What is it? Speak up! I don't have all day!" Jeff replied curtly, while a half smile was plastered on his handsome tanned face .

"Boss is there a possible way that you could be at Washington Navy Yards by this weekend? We will be flying to meet with Lucas and Logan who's currently working at the White House . I need a backup, could you help us out? Please!" Lea pleading as hard as she could .

Jeff looked at his wife, asking what answer he should give? Ann gave Jeff a thumbs up while secretly laughing, not letting Lea know that she approved already .

"Well, Is no hard to do so, but it's not easy either . You know that we are on our honeymoon, right? And you are interrupting us right now, and I'm not happy about it . But, because the lady wife had given her thumbs up, then we will be there . " Jeff replied sternly, making it sounds that his not happy .

"Oh!!! Thank you! Thank you, both of you is our lifesaver, we will see you then . I'm hanging up now and tell Ronald . Hahaha! Thank you! Bye!" Lea hangs up the phone without waiting for a reply, so she could let Ronald know that the big bosses would be there to help them speak with the twins .


Washington DC Navy Port:

The 500 feet long yacht M/V A . J . has docked at Washington DC Naval Port . Onlookers were going gah-gah from the massive size . Bystander and other Yacht owners couldn't help but envy whoever owns the humungous carrier . Everyone standby to see the person that would be coming out of the luxurious vessel .

While they were standing by waiting, people were speculating who they could be? Different ideas and everyone was holding their breath as they stood still rooted to the ground, cellphone on hand ready to take pictures of whoever owns the massive M/V A . J . that just docked at their port .

Ann and Jeff wore a simple summer clothing, and they don't want to intimidate Lucas and Logan when they meet them . They have, and Idea why they were being summoned and they will do everything in their power to help their employee and a good friend .

Jeff saw the onlookers and bystander that's waiting for them to embark . He informs Ann ahead of time to give her time to make herself as beautiful as she could be . "Not that she needed to be . "

People start searching the web to see who owns the big 500 feet long Yacht, but since it was not advertised anywhere in social media . They couldn't find anything and have no choice but to stand still and wait for the owner to come out .

A moment later, Jeff looking all immaculately handsome, while Ann looking like the beauty queen that she is, emerge, and the crowd was in awe . . . Eyes were bulging from their socket, seeing a perfect picture couple coming out of the large vessel, walking down the gangway like a King and Queen .

Once Jeff and Ann were visible to the onlooker, they realized who they are and started taking pictures and uploading in social media as fast as their finger could do .

Headlines on almost all the posted comments:

[Allien from the Philippines had landed at Washington DC Port to invade the White House!] The social media was abuzz that it became a number one search in a heartbeat .

Lea, Ronald, Eva, and Ethan just landed at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, not a minute after Jeff and Ann docked at the Naval Port . As soon as Lea turned on her cell phone, the message started popping left and right . Everyone was asking why the couple was seen docking at Washington DC Naval Port when they were supposed to be in the Bahamas?

"Hahaha! They here, they already arrived ahead of us . Hahaha!" Lea was so excited as she informs Ronald, Eva, and Ethan . "This is wonderful, and we are safe now, enforcement on the way!" Lea was jumping for joy, as she hugged Eva and started prancing around at the tarmac of the airport .

Ethan patted Ronald shoulder, "See! You have nothing to worry about! Big brother to the rescue, he would never leave you hanging in the air no matter what . You are his best man, after all . Hahaha! He even made a detour and put a halt on their honeymoon to back you up, and you have nothing to worry about now . Let's meet those Secret Service brother-in-law of yours . Hahaha!"

Ronald breathes a sigh of relief after knowing that his big boss/friend arrives and would be there to help him convinced the two burly twins to let him marry their baby sister . . . Who is currently 'PREGNANT . '

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