Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:03 PM
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Chapter 31

When they were walking out of Jeff's office all the secretaries outside we're all staring at them wondering who this beautiful woman is next to their CEO " is she the woman that was mentioned in the news not long ago?" One lady asks the girl next to her cubicle .

" You mean the one with the face masks and sunglasses they saw coming out of the private elevator? Too bad they were not able to take a picture so we can compare it if there's similarity" . The other girl reply not realizing they were speaking too loud .

Jeff heard the comment and stopped for a moment then turned around and gave them a stern cold look then said: " it seems that I'm not giving you enough works to do to have enough time to gossip . Tell me, do you all want to keep your job?" He did not wait for the answer and just strode out off the building Ann in tow .

Inside at the backseat of the car: "Do you have to be so mean to them, a warning would have been sufficient you didn't have to scare them you know!" . Ann looks at Jeff with the sparkling green eye so beautiful . They are only an inch apart, so close that he feels like he's drowning . . .

"My dear wife I was not being mean to them okay! I was just informing them that I'm paying them to work not to gossip especially if it's about us they are none of their business" . Jeff, told Ann so sweetly that Ants will want to eat him up . Jeff pulled her to his embrace and just hold her until they arrive at the restaurant .

Finally, they arrived at the restaurant, everyone's face lit up when they saw the two of them walking in they all must be very hungry already . Jeff seated himself at the head of the table while CEO Tan on his left and Sophia Tan on his right . Claudia Tan is sitting next to her father and very unhappy with the arrangement because she wants to sit right next to Jeff which is not an option .

Ann's seat is in between Leah and Sophia Tan "her mother" She's was doing her best not to have interaction nor a conversation with Sophia, but faith is not on her side today . Jeff, not knowing the full relationship between them, suggested a commercial promotion with a Mother and Daughter tandem . He even went as far as commenting on their similarity that they can pass as Mother and Daughter easily the people will believe without question .

CEO Tan agreed on what Jeff said about looking like a Mother and Daughter:" what Ann looks like now is how Sophia looks back in the old days when they first meet in College . " he's wondering what kind of relationship do this two have and wanted to find out"

Ann just smiles and glance at her Mother without saying anything . Then gave Jeff a killer looks .

Claudia thought Jeff was talking about her and Sophia and was really excited about . It: " I believed it a good idea, Jeff!" . Looking at him like a little deer ready for the slaughterhouse . She did not realize her mistake until Sophia replied: " Sure why not it will be good for Ann, to get some exposure . I don't mind at all, I don't have any endorsement nor engagement anytime soon anyway, how about it Ann?'

Here goes again Ann: "