Published at 13th of November 2018 10:01:01 PM
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Chapter 32

That night at Tan mansion, Sophia locked herself up in the guest room, a bottle of wine, couple of boxes of Kleenex, a box full of memorabilia from some 20 some years ago through the present . The excuse she's given the Tan father and daughter combo is that she needed to prepare for an upcoming drama and they believed her, at least Claudia did, but not CEO Tan, he has doubts and need to confirm his suspicions .

At the same time, at Jeff's mansion the couple is on the serious debate regarding their lodging and sleeping arrangements: "Look! Look! . it's clearly stated that we are to have a separate dwelling and . . . you need to make appointment to-to-to do that! You know" Ann was pleading to her husband . "So . . so . . . to rectify this . . . "She did not get a chance to finished her sentence, Jeff was on top her . . . making her forget what they were discussing just like that!

Jeff is like a hungry wolf that wants to eat her up, (Gobble-gobble, chomp-chomp) he's been living a celibate life for four years . For four long years, he had taken lots and lots of cold showers after waking up in the middle of the night having a wet dream . 'Never again!'

Ann was just as sore as the first time they make love four years ago .


Even though this is their second time, in terms of experience between both of them it was more like a beginner, just like when learning how to ride a bike a three-wheeler was used, once a person gets the hang of it, the training wheel gets taken out leaving just two . Most case, as a beginner a person would fall and get hurt . (That's the case with Jeff and Ann)

Authors note:*******

So to make a long story short: they were both virgins the first time they did it . Jeff being a male should have done it a couple times within the last four years . However, he loves Ann from the get-go, so he lived a celibate life to stay pure for his wife . Ann was busy with her career and school, zero for everything including dating she also lived a celibate life, not because of Jeff, but for herself .

Since it was four years ago when they last did it!!! It was just like the first time with a little less pain, only soreness afterward .


The next day Jeff feel bad for his wife who can barely move, she was sore in between her legs bruise in her body, red marks are showing all over her left and right thigh . Jeff could not believe his eyes that his the reason for all her suffering right now . 'He's a monster when it comes to mating! he was soo brutal, he's afraid to do it again, afraid that he will hurt more . '

Ann looks like a rag doll (a satisfied rag doll) with their lovemaking, whether it was four years ago or last night she has no complaint . Unknown to sleepyhead Ann her husband is right there seating down next to her by the bed in agony after seeing her state contemplating what to do next .

Ann is currently in a dream and having a wet dream at that! . When she started moaning and panting . Jeff got worried that she's in so much pain, he doesn't know what to at that moment . He grabs Ann put her in an embrace sobbing " I'm sorry!"

Ann felt Jeff embrace . 'Still dreaming, started kissing him . . . touching him . . . ' Jeff was confused and totally lost for what's happening, but he couldn't ignore is the feeling of arousal that starting to surface: "THE ANIMAL INSTINCT WITHIN HIM!" . . . . . wanted to be free!!!