Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:56 PM
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Chapter 33

Jeff's animal instinct unleash once again . He tried his best to control the demon within him, but he's only a man after all . Add the moaning and panting that Ann is doing, he just can't stop being aroused to the max . This time, however, he did his best to be as gentle and sweet as he can, he wanted to give her heaven, not hell after all!


The next minute, Ann woke up, she saw a pair of deep blue eyes staring at her . It shocked her for a split moment that she was instantly wider awake, all traces of sleepiness banished .


"Jeff…"Scratching his head totally embarrassed .

Ann extended her arms and pushed him away just a little while exclaiming: "J-Jeff . . . stop!"

Jeff just glanced at her innocently acting like a little lamb now, where did that big bad wolf go?

Ann then slowly climbed down from the bed she's so sore that she can barely walk into the bathroom .

As she was brushing her teeth, she thought: Last night, was so incredible their lovemaking was out of ordinary, even if she'd managed to conceal all the bruises how is she to hide all the red marks on her neck (kiss marks) This was all too much!

As she was viewing all the evidence in front of the mirror, a tall handsome figure appeared at the door of the bathroom grinning from ear to ears .

"I'm sorry! are you mad at me? forgive me, please! . . . " then back hug her and kissed her bruises one by one . Ann just coldly snorted at him and didn't bother to answer his pleading what else could she say it's all good and done she's already black, red and blue . " Like a fireworks"

Her expression had remained in pain the entire day Lea had been trying to discuss something with her, but she wasn't paying attention at all . Her mind still in the cloud nine from the scene in the bathroom and the night before .

Lea has no clue what Ann was thinking about . After a while, when she still hadn't uttered a single word, Lea quickly got up and call Jeff for an explanation: "There's nothing wrong . Last night, I just got carried away just a little and she's probably still in pain right now, he just wanted to make things clear to Lea; that's all!" Technically he doesn't need to explain, but she's Ann very close friend after all .

"If it's any consolation I can promise you that from now on, I won't ever do that again!" Jeff declared before hanging up .

Lea: " . . . ?"

When Ann heard from Lea that Jeff swearing such an oath to never do it to her ever again, her heart completely broken . She still pretended to be calm and unmoved as she indifferently said: "If that's what he wants and will not touch me ever then so be it! see if I care!!!"

When Jeff came home that night he was given a silent treatment without knowing what he did wrong?

Jeff:" . . . ? "

When it was time to go to bed he finds out that he is also "outside de Kulambo" (lockout of the room) "Now what? Ann . . . honey! sweety pie, my love! why are you mad at me? please . . . open the door honey bunch!"