Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:47 PM
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Chapter 34

Everyone in the mansion heard and saw what's going on with the couple . The one that most afraid is Ronald and Lea, if they don't patch things up before they go to sleep, there will be a hell to pay in the morning for everyone in the household including them . All of them will be in Lion's den, with the "Lion King" ready to eat them alive .

"Do something why don't you!" Lea urging Ronald, "you're his assistant, shouldn't you be assisting him right now?" who knows what kind of outcome it will be if they don't provide some assistance to their clueless boss who seems to have zero experience when it comes to taming his wife .

"Why me? You're her best friend and Manager, you probably have a better chance of succeeding than me . I'm just an assistant and my status is lower than yours . "

Lea: "?"

Technically Jeff could have entered the room easily by using a key, but he didn't want her to be more upset than she already is and who knows what she will do to him once he enters . "in other words his chicken" therefore, he just kept on knocking and continue talking outside the room by the door .

"Sweetheart, if I had done or say anything that's wrong please, forgive me once and open the door please . . . pretty please! Jeff pleadingly told Ann . (X10 of pleading) I promise I'll never do it again okay!

Lea: "?" "That exact same word is what got him in trouble right now and he's repeating it again! Is this guy seating on his brain or what?" Lea thought as she was listening to what Jeff is saying .

In the meantime Inside the room, Ann was seating on top of the bed reading book . When she heard what Jeff had said . She couldn't help but be more upset than she already is . The more Jeff pleads the madder she gets . However, it will not look good for everyone in the household to see this all and mighty CEO acting like this, she has no choice but to forgive him and open the door .

When Jeff heard the sound of the door being unlocked, he knows he's out of the dog house . He prepared his sweetest smiles that he can come up with for her to see when she opened the door: "Peace! Okay, I love you!"

"Just this once I will forgive you, but no more next time you hear me!" She wants to act mad, even trying to hard sound like one, but she looks at her husband handsome face she can't help but put a smiling face while she's scolding him . What else could Ann do when she's faced with the most adorable handsome man in the world, but melts into his embrace and kisses .

After the couple closes the door, everyone's cheerfully all went to bed . ( I will let you all imagine what happen next if much more fun than me writing it in details)- author

After a week Ann is finally settling into her new lifestyle . Jeff is nothing but the most adoring, lovable, husband and he had been spoiling her to the max . Her friend/Manager Lea is full of envy and happiness at the same time . However, no matter how lovey-dovey they are right now, there's still the issue of them being married in secret, only the people around Jeff's Mansion knows the truth .

One night, while they were in bed snuggling Jeff asks Ann of what her plan for the future . He wanted her to know that he will support her no matter what she decided to do . Ann did not reply to his question, she just kissed him and closed her eyes and went to sleep .

Truth to be told shes actually wide awake and just faking her sleep . She doesn't know how to answer his question just now, she still has many plans and things to accomplish and on top of that, they really don't know hardly anything about each other yet . They still got a very long way to go .

During the next following days to come, Ann would stay low key, she never went anywhere the whole time . Afraid that she would run into her Mother .