Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:38 PM
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Chapter 35

There's an old saying: "You can run, but you can't hide" in Ann's case she's been hiding from her Mother, but she can't run too far .

All her life she had been anticipating the moment when she will meet her mother in person, the day had finally arrived, but instead of happy reunions why did it become very awkward . She had a long dream for this day to come, now that it happened why does she feel so dissatisfied of the outcome .

When she was a child her classmates would tease her and call her names"Orphan . Orphan . . . Orphan-child, hehe he!' one kid would say, others would join in and say: " ah-ah! she's not an orphan, she's a little mushroom that popped out from the ground, Grandma Wen found her by the side of the road and pluck her and took her home . Hahaha!" That really hurt her feelings, she would run home crying .

"One day she found her courage and asked her grandma about her parents . " Lola, (that's what she call her grandma) where are my parents?" at first grandma would make up a story and tell her that her parents are just busy with business somewhere very far away, they let her live with her temporarily and that one day they will come back for her and take her home . " She believed that for many years, but as she got older the day never came .

"When she was around 12 years old she got very sick with stomach cramps, she was in so much pain that she's about to pass out . She call's for her "Lola" for help, but there's no one at home . " She felt so alone . . .

"She needed to go to the bathroom, but when she got up that's when she realizes a lot of blood was oozing between her legs she was so scared . " She didn't know what cause it and she thought she was dying .

"She has no one else she can call for help? no friend, no siblings, no parents and no relatives . The only one she has is 'Lola' but she's not home . She laid her body back down to the bed trying to ease the pain and just waited for her end to come . " Ann stayed like that laying down in a bed full of blood in a dark room . . .

"When Grandma-Wen got home late that day, she was scared half to death when she saw the sight of Ann's room . She thought something really bad had happened to Ann and started panicking . "

What she saw is Ann laying on top of her bed looking like a corpse not moving . She runs rush to Ann side and shakes her: " Apo! . . apo! . . wake up! it took a couple more time of shaking before Ann groggily opened her eyes . As soon as she saw her 'Lola' she cried so hard that made her 'Lola' much more concerned for her . " What happen?" her 'Lola' asked .

"In reality, Ann just had her first period and she didn't know what it was . Grandma-Wen never told her about women's stuff like a monthly visitor, she never saw any tampons or pads around the house and never saw grandma ever having a period . If only she has a mother around to talk too or teach her about things like that" . . . Ann thought . . .

Finally, grandma-Wen decided to tell her the truth about her parentage . When she hears that her mother is an actress and a singer in Asia, she was elated at first . She's so proud to find out that her Mother is somewhat famous and a celebrity at that . However, after a while, her feelings for her mother turn to hate instead of admiration . She promised herself that someday she will surpass her mother's achievements and when they finally meet with each other, she will show her that she turned out very well despite being abandons at birth .


Lea received a phone call from the assistant of the Marketing Director of Mega World Department store to inform them of the meeting for the collaboration between Sophia and Ann .

Sophia's Manager also received the same message .