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Chapter 36

Tan Mansion: In the guest bedroom

"Sophia was passed out from drinking all night" This is the sight that CEO Tan saw when he went to check on her that morning .

" Sophia . . . Sophia . . . wake up! your Manager just called to inform you about a meeting with Ms . Ann for the commercial collaboration . " Albert Tan told his wife .

Sophia opened her eyes, still half asleep half awake not comprehending everything Albert Tan said .

It took a couple of seconds before it registered into her mind . "Ouch! my head hurts so bad, get me a painkiller, please!" her reply to her husband .

"What's going on with you? why are you acting weird lately since we came back from meeting the new spoke person of the Mega World Group? are you upset that you have to share your limelight with an unknown personality? Tell me! and I will take care of it for you . " Albert Tan said .

" I told you that I will give you whatever you wish for, as long as it's within my capability . Getting rid of that girl is nothing . All I have to do is call and talk to Chairman Go and it will be settled . " He told her with endearment . "Just say the word and it's done Okay!" "That girl is nothing, she's an unknown personality from abroad, she probably slept her way to get where she at now, the way she looks anyone can tell she's a beauty with no brain . " Albert thought, but not realizing that he actually thought it out loud for Sophia to hear . "WHAT DID YOU SAY! say that again and see if I don't file a divorce on you in a heartbeat .

Albert Tan: " . . . ?"

"You better leave that girl alone you hear me! If I ever hear that you or your spoiled daughter do anything to that poor girl, just wait and see what happen . " Sophia threatened him .

"Albert Tan was afraid of what she just said . He knows her temperament very well, what she says she will do and she might really file for divorce and leave him . He can never let that happen again in this lifetime or next" . He rushed to her side and hugged her, coaxing Sophia a little and asked her and a sweet low tone of voice: " If that's not the case, then why are you in this state? tell me . . . you know it pains me to see you like this . I will anything just say the word alright!" .

Sophia thought about her action just now and realized she's overreacting and is not good for her husband to start suspicion about her relationship with Ann Wen so she changes the subject: "Why are you still here and not at the office?" She asked him after giving him a big fat kiss on his lips .

"I'm on my way, I just came to check on you and to tell you ' I love you!" my dear wife" . He kissed her back and turn around and left .

As soon as Albert Tan left, Sophia picks her phone and call her Manager: " I'm hungover right now, I need to relax to clear my mind, make an appointment for me to the Salon and invite Ms . Ann Wen and her Manager asap . " She Instructed her Manager .


Sophia has so many things that she wants to talk to Ann about, but she doesn't know how she will approach the subject without Ann being suspicious .

She needs to find a way to get close to her without being obvious, also to the people around her, but most especially she needs to be wary of her husband and step-daughter, is not a good time for them to know about their true relationship, she will tell them when the time is right .

Ann made the first step of getting closer to her without being obvious, as her Mother she will also do everything in her power to make sure she has smooth transitions . "Did her Mother ever tell Ann about her?" Sophia wonders . . .