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Chapter 37

Go mansion:

"Do I really need to go?" Ann asks Lea . "What do you think? Girl, I swear I can't understand you sometimes, other newbies like you would kill to have her name linked to a famous personality like her . You in the other hand is backward, you don't seem to want to be seen with her at all! Why is that?" Lea shaking her head from left to right while asking Ann .

"I have a reason if you must know, but I promised you, I will tell you everything when the time is right okay!" Ann said apologetically . "Fine! You better be, we made a promise with other remember? No keeping secrets between us alright! please, start getting ready, we don't want the "Diva" to have to wait for us you know" Lea said huffing and pupping .

"Alright! You win, give me a few minutes and I will ready asap" . Ann just sighs and got ready .

"That's my girl! Let's go make you the most beautiful of all in the land of Asia! Hahaha" . Lea left happily .


Sophia is very famous in Asia, she's called the "Diva" and even though she's now older and recently married, she's still as beautiful as ever . She's the goddess in the industry . Men, women, young or old worships the ground she walks on . Salon owner's fights for the privilege for her to utilizes their service, a free advertisement with benefits . She receives a VIP treatments wherever she goes .


However, it's a totally different story with Ann, she's a nobody right now in this Country . A newbie like Lea said so .

Ann and Lea arrived at the Salon: It's a prestige looking facility, as soon as they walk in they were greeted by a hostess . : "Hello, welcome! to 'The Island Resort' how may I help you today?" the receptionist asked them while looking at them from head to toe, appraising their value .

Lea did not missed that look the girl gave them, she was about to give her a tongue lashing when Ann gave her a warning look and decided against it: " We are invited by a person 'she did not mentioned a name' to meet here today" .

" I see the girl replied uninterested not even looking at them but in the computer in front of her . And who is this person that had invited you? 'yah! right like you would know anyone in the elite circle' the girl thought to herself not realizing she had thought it at loud .

Ann, who was just standing behind Lea waiting, suddenly look up and about to say something . When a voice from behind her said: " Your here! and gave her a fat hug" It's Sophia and her entourage following behind her .

When the receptionist saw the person hugging Ann, she immediately changed the way she was addressing them and become a totally different person from before .

" Madam Sophia! Welcome, everything had been prepared waiting for your arrival this way, please!"

Sophia just ignored her and continued hugging Ann whose feeling very uncomfortable at the moment . " Let's go have a girl's day and pampered ourselves, will do massage first, facial, manicure . . . oh . . and will give you a makeover, how's that!" Sophia asks Ann excitedly .

Lea: " . . . ?"

Ann: " . . . ?"

Sophia's entourage: " . . . ?"

They are all wondering what's going on with Sophia, but no one dares to say anything or else there could be hell to pay .

When the owner of the salon was informed that the "Diva" arrives, He rushed right away to where they at, he must make sure that nothing goes wrong . He personally takes care of Sophia no matter how busy his schedule is . However . . .