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Chapter 38

The owner of the salon always takes pride in providing Sophia the best service personally . Whenever Sophia's Manager calls and makes an appointment he will make time from his busy schedule to squeeze her in . Today is no exception he actually has an appointment with another socialite, but he ended up telling his assistant to attend to her . He just prays that she will not makes an issue of him canceling in the last minute, it will be a big loss as part of his clientele .


Ann was suffocating from Sopha's embrace, but she don't want to offend her . One way or the other she needed to find a way out of her embrace . " . . hm! M . . Ms . Sophia, I'm sorry! Ann saying while wiggling out of Sophia's hug . " I appreciates your offer, I truly am flattered . However, I really have important things to do, can we do this another time? Putting a distance between them as she saying it . Sophia was really disappointed and it clearly shows on her face, but she agreed anyway . "How about we do brunch then? I did not get a chance to grab a bite and I'm pamished right now, what do you say?"

"What's is going on with Sophia?" Everyone was thinking all in the same frame of mind as they watch her acting weird .

Once again, Ann tried to reason with her and decline the invitation . Before Sophia could utter another word, Ann received a phone call from Jeff . "Hello!" . . . "What time will you'll be finish? I want to eat you . . No-no! I mean I would like to eat with you! 'Lunch' is what I mean" Jeff finished his sentence with a light laugh . Ronald who's standing not far away sipping his coffee almost choked "cough . . cough" when he heard what his boss just said . " God! I pray that no calamity ever comes between this love birds or we ' the little pions' will be suffering from a hellish death for sure' he thought .

"I'm finished, will be leaving now alright!" She made sure that her voice was loud enough for everyone around to hear .

"Ms . Sophia, once again please, accept my sincere apology and thank you for the thought, it's what really counts . Goodbye and enjoy your day! Ann said then walk out without waiting for a reply nor looking back to the person still standing in shock .

"FEEL THAT! MOTHER!' This is how it was when you abandoned me without looking back, the difference then was I'm just an infant and doesn't know anything . But I lived through it all my life feeling the abandonment that you left behind . Whereas, you! just now finding out how it feels MOTHER-DEAR . " Ann thought to herself while feeling full of self pity, sadness and triumph at the same time .

Lea's sensing that there's something going on, but she can't put her finger to it . Ann will tell her in a good time like she promised and she has all time in the world, she's not in a hurry at all .


Sophia doesn't understand what she's feeling at the moment: "What happened? Why did she suddenly changed her mind, for sure she was willing to spend time with her today . Why would she come all the way and suddenly saying that she has another engagement, that' obserd and unheard off . Something must had happen prior to my arrival" .

The Owner of the establishment didin't know what's going on just standing thete waiting for Sophia to begin the treatment . On the other hand, the receptionist knows she's in trouble after she put two and two together . =(3) hehehe! Just kidding-author .

" LET'S GET OUT OF THIS F . . . KING PLACE!" Sophia ordered her entourage, then walk out as well fuming mad . She don't need to asks what happen, she can see it from the scary looks that the owner gave to the receptionist before running after Sophia apologizing .

"Ms . Sophia, please forgive us just this once, I will take care of that receptionist right away . Just don't leave like this please! . . . I beg you, please! . . The owner begging Sophia .

"Will see, if your forgiven by Ms . Ann, then so will I, you know what I mean right? . . .

"YES!-Yes! Ms . Sophia, I will apologize toMs . Ann personally if I need 'TO GET DOWN ON

MY KNEES, I will!" The owner said it too loud .

The receptionist who had treated Ann and Lea indifferently a while back knows that she's going to be "Fired!" soon and started sobbing .


Jeff was home already when they arrived . As soon as he saw Ann's features he's faced lit up, but suddenly changed to concern: "What's wrong?" He asked his wife . "Nothing!" Ann replied .

"What do mean nothing, we were treated like a step-child couple of minutes ago, that's nothing! Are you out of your mind or what?" Lea blurred it out without hesitating .

"Ronald! You know what to do, take care of right now!" Jeff order .

Ronald: "YES BOSS! Right away . "