Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:32 PM
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Chapter 39

The Island Resort:

Not even a couple of hours since Ann left and the whole place was already in chaos . Phones are ringing off the hook, people canceling their appointment that was booked a year in advance . An appointment that was hard to obtain at first, but now being canceled for no apparent reason .

The Owner of the resort is about to have a heart attack . He's screaming on the top of his lung trying to figure out what's going on . "Only a very powerful person with influence in high society has the capability to put the Resort in a verge of bankruptcy in a blink of an eye . Could it be Ms . Sophia? However, combining her status as a famous celebrity with the power of her husband it's not enough to topple my business . Maybe . . . just maybe is the girl who had done this, she could have a powerful man behind her as a protector . I wonder who could it be?" The Owner was trying to figure it all out .


Go Mansion:

Jeff, Ann, Ronald, and Lea were having a wonderful lunch together . At first, Ronald and Lea wanted to leave them alone, but Ann insisted that they should join them . They finally agreed after seeing the luscious spread they have at the table . They chatted while they're eating or we could say that Lea's doing all the talking while the other three was just listening . They were almost done eating when suddenly, someone screams really loud everyone was in shock; "Oh . . . my gosh! look at this news that's trending right now, 'A famous salon going bankrupt in a blink of an eye' how can this happen, I can't believe this . . . Ann, take a look at this see . . . Isn't this the Resort we just left an hour ago? Hahaha . . . 'KARMA! IS A BITCH' Lea informed them while laughing at the same time .

Jeff secretly looked at Ronald, winked then gesture with a thumbs-up and continued happily eating without a care in the world .

Ann saw what transpired between the two confidants, but has no idea what its about and decided to just let it go .

"The "Diva" probably had done it, good for her! I will make sure to thank her when we see her next time . " Lea said nonchalantly to everyone at the table .

Ann: "hmmm . . . "

Jeff: " Huh . . . ?"

Ronald: " Grrrr . . . !"

After launch, Jeff and Ronald prepared to go back to the office .

Jeff was kissing his wife goodbye while Ronald and Lea was chit-chatting waiting for the lovebirds to come out from the bedroom . "Knock . . . knock . . . knock! Young master please, excuse me but you have a phone call from overseas" . The Butler announced . " Alright I'll answer it here" Jeff replied .

"Hello! Grandfather, how are you? . . . What did you say? You're arriving in an hour and you want me to personally pick you up?" Jeff wanted to make sure he heard it right . "Yes! To all your question" . Old man Go replied then hung up without saying goodbye .

Jeff was scratching his head while he was contemplating how to tell Ann about his Grandfather and Vice Versa .

"How does a man like himself explain to his own wife that he has a fiancee since birth by order of his Grandfather? On the other hand, how can he introduce his lawfully wedded wife to his Grandfather without him having a heart attack?' . Jeff is in a dilemma . . .