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Chapter 4

Present time:

" Ladies and gentlemen's, it's a pleasure to introduce to all of you, our valedictorian " Ann heard the Dean of the University announcing her name . She hurriedly went up on stage, but before she started her prepared speech, she looks around to see for any familiar face in the audience . When she was about to begin her speech, she suddenly glances toward the front row and saw a familiar face .

Ann blinks a couple of times to make sure she was not hallucinating when she looked again; the same person is in the audience . 'She made it! . Her heart was bursting with happiness after seeing her best friend . Lea traveled seventeen long hours nonstop, to make it to her graduation . She's not alone; she's not alone anymore . ' Ann put on her sweetest smile showing teeth, then begun her speech .

She smiled so sweet that Jeff who had been watching her all this time, felt his heart is going to leap out from the heavy pounding: *thump! thump! thump!* Then he saw Ann looked into his direction with a beautiful sweet smile and he felt like it was meant for him: 'He feels like he died and went to heaven . '

When Lea told her that she's will be going out of the Country for a business trip on the day of her graduation, Ann was devastated . She had mentally prepared herself to be alone and planned to go straight home after the graduation . 'Who would have thought that Lea will rush back to make the time when she's about to make her speech?' Ann was elated .

" Last but not least, I would like to say that without this person in my life, who knows what I would have become . The support that I had received from behind the scene loved me for who I am, encouraged me whenever I think I can't do it anymore, . . . "

Jeff was seating a couple of seats away from Lea, wondering if Ann is talking about him: 'For four years he has been secretly helping Ann in every way he knows how . He would fly in for a day to get a glimpse of her, he never once approach her, he made sure that she's never short of anything, gave her all the comfort a life could offer . ' Is she talking about me?'

Suddenly, Ann said: " Lea, my best friend forever, thank you! and I love you from the bottom of my heart!" Ann made a gesture with a heart shape then point towards her Lea; " Thank you!" Smiles to the audience then walked off the stage .

As soon as Ann walk down from the stage, Lea rushed to her and gave her a huge hug: " Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! Let 's get out of here and celebrate" Ann, nodded grabs Lea's hand and left before Jeff has a chance to greet her .

All Jeff could do is 'sigh' and take out his phone to call his assistant . "Ronald, I want you to do something . "

"Yes! Boss, I will make sure arranged everything as per you're instruction" . His assistant replied . . .

"Finally, I saw the end of the tunnel! now is a new day, a new beginning cheer!" Ann said to Leah while holding her cocktail up and drinking it in one shot .

CEO Jeff Go, seating quietly at the other VIP room next to where Ann and Lea were celebrating, he has a sad and cold aura emitting on his face .

His assistant Ronald don't know what to do, all he could do is sit quietly on the other side of the room . 'He's wondering what is going on with his boss mind, what could he be thinking right now? Suddenly a thought occurred:' *Ding!* An idea came into Ronald's mind he got up and: " Boss! If you'll excuse me, I will be right back!" Then took off in a hurry .

'If this cold-hearted boss of his is satisfied to sit here and admire his beautiful wife from afar, that will not do, I need to do something, this is also for my sanity ' Ronald thought got up and went out of the room .

Jeff: ' . . . ?'

'Where's that guy rushing through now like the devil is chasing him . ' Jeff thought with a blank look on his face .