Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:31 PM
Chapter 40

Flashback four years before:

Jeff received a call from his grandfather's doctor telling him that's it's an emergency, he needs to come back home asap . The doctor said that his grandfather was dying and might not make it before he gets there .

He didn't have a choice but to go back home in hurry . He's planned was to rush home to find out what's going on first, takes care of whatever needed to be taken care off then fly back to settle the matter with his new wife . Who would have thought that none of his plans would work out?

Jeff went straight to the private hospital owned by the Go family where his grandfather supposedly dying anytime soon . What befold in front of him doesn't make sense to him whatsoever . There's a man talking to his grandfather very seriously listening to his order . After receiving the order from his grandfather, the man said his goodbye and left without saying a word to Jeff whos standing by the door the whole time .

"What's going on grandpa? Who was that man and why is he here?" Asked Jeff angrily? "If you must know then I will tell you! His a P . I . that I hired to find a person or should I say, people . Why? Do you have a problem?"

"My problem is you! If you must know . I rushed back thinking I might not ever see you again, yet here you are ordering people around, healthy as an OX!" Jeff replied . "What do you expect from me huh!' Then slump down to the sofa ready to pass out from tiredness . He flew seventeen hours nonstop just to see this . What a joke!" . Jeff was murmuring to himself .

Jeff was in for a more shocking revelation when his grandfather told him happily that he might be able to reunite with his first love . " His grandfathers first love? Is he going senile or what? At his age? What good would it do even if they reunite, they're too old already . Is not like he can still get it up? What are they going to do when they meet each other, have a staring competition?" Jeff thought to himself, not showing any reaction whatsoever .

"Don't give me that look alright! If you must know it's not for me, but for you!' .

"What you mean for me? Grandpa!!! Please, clarify what you're talking about . If you can't explain it in our language, try English okay!" Jeff told his grandpa half jokingly and half angrily .

Truth to be told, he's just happy to see his grandpa still kicking and making a fuss rather than being six feet under .

Grandpa continued detailing to Jeff about his story with his first love . By the time he finished, Jeff was already asleep on the couch without realizing that he acquired a fiancee in the process .

The next thing he knows, he was being ordered by his grandpa to help and bring his first love and Jeff's fiancee since birth . When Jeff was about to protest, his grandpa quickly said: "if you don't want to see me six feet under anytime soon, you better not disappoint me and gives me a heart attack in the process . You hear me!"

Jeff loves his grandfather dearly, there's nothing he won't do for him . Even if means that he will have to wait for very long years to be with his wife .

With all jeffs resource, he was able to locate them faster than the P . I . He made sure that the P . I . does not report it to his grandfather yet . He needs time to settle Ann's situation overseas first before he will bring the people to meet with his grandfather . " He will play along with his grandfather request and stall for time until his wife is ready to be introduced " Jeff was planning this in his mind .