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Chapter 41

With all the resources that Jeff has on hand, he was able to get information and locate the whereabouts of the people that his grandfather was looking for . He was even faster than the P . I . his grandfather hired .

He has a plan and in order for it to work, he will need the P . I . cooperation in the matter . After careful negotiations with lots of money involved, the private investigator agreed with Jeff to hold any information he obtains from his grandfather . He also agreed to report all his findings to Jeff first prior to reporting to his grandfather . If everything works out in four years time, he can bring Ann home to meet his grandfather . " That is if Ann is willing to come and stay married to him?"

Twenty-seven years ago Grandpa Go and Mrs . Tan accidentally meet in a function hosted by an acquaintance of both of them .

Mrs . Tan husband was still alive then, they all had a chat for the good old time sake .

Mrs . Tan and Granpa Go had a pretty good conversation . They mainly talk about good old times, how they were so in love with each other, but ending up marrying another person . They reminisced how they were not fated to be together . However, it did not stop them from playing matchmaker instead . They figured that if they are not fated to be together, how about their descendant . . .

There's just one issue with their idea, they cannot match make their children since both have their own family already .


This is Jeff involvement came in, him ending up with a fiancee at birth . Jeff's mother recently gave birth to him, but on the other hand, Mrs . Tan's son has no children yet . They decided that Mrs . Tan's first Granddaughter will be Jeff future wife . The agreement was signed stamped and delivered .

Three years past and still no grandchildren on Mrs . Tan side of the family . Her only son Albert Tan was not interested in having a child with his current wife, he was doing everything in his power not to get her impregnated . He would always go out of the country for business staying months at a time, living his wife all alone . The reason why he doe's not want to have a child with his wife is that of another woman that he so loves but cannot marry . . .

Finally, after a couple year, Albert Tan's wife at that time got pregnant . Grandpa Go and Grandma Tan were elated to hear this news . They both are praying that she gives birth to a baby girl so their agreements and dreams of becoming in-laws can be fulfilled .

Albert Tan's wife did give birth to a baby girl, but due to her poor health, she died right after . . .

Left is a motherless child name, Claudia Tan . . .

Claudia was raised overseas by her grandmother, occasionally spending holidays in Asia . During one of her holiday when she was around 16 years of age, a relative invited her to a concert of the very famous "Diva" in the country . They were seated at the front "VIP" section . That's when she saw her Idol, a goddess, the most beautiful woman in the country, and rumor said she's still single . "She will need to introduce this lady to her father, who knows if they hit it off, she can become her stepmother in the future" Claudia was making a plan on her mind how she's going to accomplish this .

With Claudia's help and encouragement, Albert Tan & Sophia became husband and wife . . .


Four years ago:

After getting an order from his grandfather, Jeff met his grandfather's, first love Mrs . Tan and the granddaughter, Claudia Tan Jeff's future wife since birth . Mrs . Tan is now a widow and been living abroad all these years and just recently returned to the country to attend her son's wedding to a famous celebrity "Sophia" .

Jeff's fully prepared for this meeting to make all kind of excuses in order to stall for time, at least four years minimum or for however long it will take to convince Ann . He will bid his time, not make any contact with his wife, but help her along the way to have a smooth path to her dreams . At the same time, he will find a fault to this girl (fiancee) to be able to cancel the marriage agreement .

When Jeff arrived in the meeting, he was greeted with Mrs . Tan and Claudia who's now 17 years of age . Claudia was not interested in marrying an older guy, she already has a crush with one of the trainees in her stepmother's agency . Therefore, it may much easier for Jeff when Claudia itself made an excuse that she's still too young to get married and to wait until she turns 21 and will go from there . She continued on saying: "We don't need to make an announcement of our engagement, for now . We can wait when the time comes if that's alright with you?" Claudia looking Jeff with contempt in her eyes .

Jeff: " . . . ?" "If there's no issue between parties, I will go along with that . Mrs . Tan, Claudia, this is what you really want right?" "Yes!" Claudia replied in a heartbeat .

Jeff left in a hurry to inform his grandfather of the result . . . "He can't believe what just happen, he got his wish . . . 4 years of freedom, until then . . . he doesn't have to deal with this fiancee . " He was so happy that he was jumping for joy .


Present time:

Grandfather Go's 60th birthday is coming up . . . He plans to announce on the day of his birthday the impending marriage between Jeff and Claudia . . . . .