Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:29 PM
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Chapter 42

Grandfather Go's birthday is coming up and he plans on announcing Jeff and Claudia's impending marriage . . .

Grandpa Go came out of his long seclusion from overseas, he needed to ensure that Jeff and Claudia will not renege the agreement . He plans on using his 60th birthday celebration to announce their wedding . " Let see if you two can avoid what is destined to happen, you will be married in no time and my longtime dream will come true or I will die trying . " Grandpa Go thinking to himself . "


Go mansion:

Jeff received a call from his grandpa . " What did you say? You're arriving in an hour and you want me to personally pick you up from the airport? Grandpa! I'm really busy right now, I can't pick you up . I will send Ronald in my behalf alright?" Jeff told his grandpa then hung up the phone without waiting for a reply .

Ann heard the conversation and just play dead-ma (dumb) continued what she was doing . Jeff came from behind and back hug her: " hmmm . . . Can I not go back to the office" whisper into Ann's ears, then start blowing just a little, enough to make her shiver down her spine .

"Jeff . . . stop it! Okay! I'm really tickled" . Ann wiggles out from his back hug and slowly making her way to the door . Jeff caught her hand and pull her back to give her a very deep kiss full of honey . He then holds Ann's face with his two hands making her unable to turn her head and escape .

Ann was getting hot and excited from the kiss, she started responding by kissing him back . Her hand started moving towards Jeff's neck and once her hand touches the back of his neck she slowly caresses it with her fingertip . When she started moaning, Jeff totally lost control, his kiss becomes eager and rapid, a fire within him is about to explode when . . . " Jeff stop! Its broad daylight, Lea and Ronald are just outside waiting . " Ann trying hard to calm herself as well .

"Let them wait!" Jeff replied with a louder voice still hugging her and trying to continue were she stop him last, prostrated to the max .

"But . . . but they're going to wonder . . . You know!" Ann yelled back .

Jeff released Ann then stepped back a little look at her then yelled back: "Mrs . Go! Do you know what you're doing to me? You're driving me insane! You're like a shower and faucet knob with hot and cold!" Then walk out the door slamming it close behind him .

"Ronald!!! Let's go to the airport to pick grandpa so he can marry me off" Jeff said fuming mad .

Ronald: " . . . ?" Scratching his head and shaking left to right then right to left .

Lea: " . . . ?" Doing the same thing as Ronald then run rushed to the room to check on her friend .

What Lea saw when she enters the room really broke her heart . . . Ann slumped at the floor crying her eyes out . She runs to her friend and gives her a hug to try and comfort her, but she just sobs some more .

After a couple of minutes pass, Ann finally calms down . The first word out of her mouth: "Pack your things were leaving now!" . . .