Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:28 PM

Chapter 43

Ann was crying her eyes out, she's so upset for what Jeff had just called her . "I'm not a shower or faucet knob, did he think it's so easy to cool down after doing that!" Ann told Lea barely audible in between her sobbing and blowing her nose .

Lea: " . . . ?" Looking at her bestie totally lost in what's going on . "Is this what is all about, did he call you a Shower or faucet knob? what is this about hot and cold, I don't get it?" Lea looking totally confused .

"Girl! you need to make sense of what you're saying in order for me to understand what you're talking about alright!" Comporting and scolding Ann at the same time .

"Anyway, as I said earlier, start packing and will leaving!" She told Lea once again .

"I'm not staying another minute in this house . If he thinks he can bully me, he got another thing coming!" Took out her luggage from the closest and started pulling out all her belongings trowing them unto the bed .

"I Ann Wen is a free woman, I don't need to answer to no man, just because we have that piece of paper called marriage certificates, he thinks he can boss me around . . Ha! he better think again!" Ann declares to Lea who slowly making her way out the door shaking her head .

As soon as Lea left the room, Ann sat down the bed and started planning as nothing had happened .

" This is not working out, it's fine and dandy while they were on the honeymoon stage, but she has a lot of plans that needed to be carried out, the only way to accomplish it is by moving out . "


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In the back seat of the car on the way to the airport, Jeff is still fuming mad . Smoke coming out of his ears, his face showing every inch of his emotion for Ronald to see .

Ronald keep on looking in the mirror shaking his head . " I wonder what happen? they were lovey-dovey during lunch, then suddenly this! what's up with this two?" He decided to make a small talk: "Hey boss, what do you think is going to happen now that Old man Go decided to come out of seclusion?" He asks Jeff who's in deep thought at the moment .

"I don't know what the old man is planning, but let me tell you one thing for sure is not going to be my wedding with that little snot Claudia . She's so arrogant and spoiled to the bone . " Jeff said nonchalantly .

"By the way, boss when are you planning to tell the lady boss about your hidden fiancee?"

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" I'm thinking about it right now, I'm just trying to find the right time and I will tell her everything . I'm just worried that she will find out first before I get a chance . "

"Well, boss if you don't mind me saying, I think you better do it soon or else!" Ronald said it with a concern in his eye for his boss .


Go Mansion:

Ann and Leah finished packing and prepared to leave without saying goodbye just like Jeff did four years ago .

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Leah asks with sadness in her eyes looking around the big mansion they're going to leave behind .

"This is for the better, we're not really married anyway . Is just a matter of time, today is a good time as any . " Ann said with tears in her eyes . She had made the decision and she needs to leave now or she may never be able to if Jeff comes home .

"Goodbye Jeff, I really wish it could have worked out with us!" She whispers it to the house as she's walking out the door .