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Chapter 44

The Butler and two housekeepers were having arguments with each other as Ann and Lea walking by on the way out of the mansion . She wanted to say goodbye and thanked them, but afraid that they will stop her from going, she decided not to and kept walking .

One was pushing the other towards them: "You do it!" Housekeeper-1 said . "No way, you do it! Housekeeper-2 argued back . The butler who's worried that they will be in so much trouble spoke: "You two can stop now it doesn't matter anymore look!" Pointing at Ann and Lea getting into the car getting ready to go .

The trio wanted to stop them from leaving, they needed time until their young master able to come, but it's too late now they will be going soon . They started panicking, they needed to help and do something .

The butler had called Jeff already informing him of what is happening when he finds out that Ann was packing and called the driver to prepare the car .

"I'll be right there, make sure she cannot leave or else's you're all dead!" Jeff said, then hung up .


In the meantime, Lea also is moving like a turtle praying at the same time: "God, I never asked for much since I can remember just this once! Make her change her mind, please!!! I really like my room and this mansion!" Who knows what kind of place the agency had prepared for them she's thinking .

Mega entertainment provided Ann a condo unit as part of the contract that Lea signed . The building itself is own by Jeff's company along with another real estate all around the world . The group of companies that Jeff's in charges off consist of various entities: shipping industry, hotels, real estate, entertainments, banking, and finance just to name a few . "In other words, Jeff is Mega-rich!"

The condo unit is fully equipped with everything you can think off . It has three large bedrooms, two guest room, and a very large master bedroom . The guest room is decorated simply, had a neutral color very unisex .

The master bedroom has a king size bed that can fit six-person easily, has a computer desk with a high tech computer system on top, an eighty-five-inch flat HDTV with Bose surround sound system connected to it . Lastly a walk-in closet full of brand name clothing's, shoes, handbags and jewelry to match .

All of this was Jeff arrangement, he had prepared it ahead of time right after when Ann agreed to come back and give their marriage a shot with a contract and various clauses .

One of the clauses in the contract was living in a separate dwelling, Jeff wants to ensure that his wife will be living in comfort and would not want to go back to America .


After hearing what Ronald advice him, Jeff got into thinking and started to calm down . He finally realized his mistake, he acted like a child that was not allowed by his mother to play with play dough . (This is quoted from a comment that one of my readers posted) un-quote . Thank you!

He needs to rectify his action and apologize, but how to do it? "Ronald, do you have any idea how to . . . Ah! never mind! I'll take care of it myself . Turn the car around, I need to go back home . Step on it!" Jeff ordered .

"Yes, boss! Right away" . Ronald replied happily with a wide grin on his face showing white straight teeth .

While on the way, Jeff called one of his secretaries (he have tons of them in the office) to arrange a romantic dinner reservation . Next called his jeweler (the group owns the jewelry store too)to prepare rings to choose from . Lastly, he needed flowers and arranged a truckload of roses to be delivered at his home asap . He's really going all out to make amend for his mistake, hoping and praying at the same time that Ann forgives him .

Jeff couldn't wait to arrive home, he feels uneasy for some reason . Suddenly his phone started buzzing, his butler at home . "Hello!" He answered . "Hello! Young master