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Chapter 45

Lea was excited how beautifully designed the condominium . The one they had been living in America does not even come close to this one . Three bedrooms? more like a five-bedroom house .

Well, what can you expect from one of the richest men in Asia? The mansion itself where they had stayed clearly show's his wealth . 'I will be living in extravagance lifestyle for sure, thank's to my beautiful talented best friend, I did not pick the wrong one . ' she's thinking as she prances around the living room like a princess in the fairy tale .

Ann, walks-in with a gloomy face, her nose all red, her eyes floppy, her image is like a 'Panda Bear' .

She came in, sat on the sofa without even looking or paying attention to Lea who's acting like this is the first time in her life she has seen such a magnificent view .

'On the way to the condo inside the car, she was carefully thinking about what had happened . Now she feels like a total idiot . What they had argued about was a really nonsense, she knows better than that . '

'What happened to her above 180 IQ?? why does it always drops down to 70 when it comes to love? She's a very smart person, graduated on the top of her class, a valedictorian at that . She can converse in seven different languages fluently . Three Major Degrees: Business Management, Political Science, and Law . She minors in Arts & Nutrition which she's really good at . But why then did she get so upset that Jeff called her a hot and cold knob . ' Ann, wonders and contemplating what she's going to do .

She needed to make a decision, what they had argued about was nothing it was a child game . The real issue that's upsetting her right now is their so-called marriage .

Jeff doesn't know that she overheard his conversation over the phone with his grandfather . She knows that he has a fiancee, picked by his grandfather since birth that his not telling her .

She was just waiting for him to tell her everything, she's not that short minded . She understands what dilemma he's in right now, but they needed to discuss it first to come up with a solution .

Either way, they will need to separate for now to straighten out all the issue they are having .

She needed to make a plan and to implement it no matter what the cost . In order to ensure that her plan works she needed to make a plan:

1= Priority:

a) Need to clear misunderstanding with Jeff .

b) Follow true with the contract she wrote .

c) Start working to increase her popularity

d) Surpass her mother's popularity and go from there .


a) Live a happy life as Mrs . Jeff Go

b) Divorce Jeff and find a new one

c) Live a happy life as Mrs . Jeff Go (second time)

d) Divorce Jeff and go back to America

e) Live a happy life as Mrs . Jeff Go (3rd time)

'Huh! after reading and re-reading her notes, she finds that on her secondary she wrote ' live a happy life as Mrs . Jeff Go? three times,(a,c & e) is her subconscious telling her to stay married and live a happy life with Jeff?'

How about her main plan? Is just one!

3=Main Plan

1) Retire from the Entertainment Industries, have a child with Jeff (married or divorced), go back to America, Open a Law Firm and practice to serve the needy and poor . Enter Politics and become the First youngest women president of the United State of America .

She's 22 years old now, she has about 18 years in the making to be the youngest female president of America . Base on the history, Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901 at the age of 42, if everything went accordingly, she will be 41 in the year 2036 that's still a long way . . .

'That's a nice plan!' She thought while smiling to herself .

Ann was in deep thought planning her future when she realized that someone is standing right in front of her glaring at her, huffing and pupping like a dragon with a fire coming out of his nose: "Mrs . Go!!! what the hell do you think you're doing?"