Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:24 PM
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Chapter 46

Jeff's standing right in front of Ann, really mad . "Mrs . Go! what the hell you think you're doing?" he asks .

"What you mean? what I'm doing . I'm moving to my new place as I should have done the begin with . " Ann replied like she's talking about the weather . "Why don't you come down and sit so we can have a talk . " patting the seat next to her . "We are both adult and professional and civilized you know . " She added the salt and rubbed it in .

Jeff did not have a choice and sat down next to her and grab her hand: I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! okay!, what I said was mean, I really didn't mean that you know? you not like that, it was me who has a problem and I admit it . please, forgive me?" Looking straight in her eyes with such an emotion that Ann was speechless .

This is a man who could topple the whole Asia, dominating the world of business . CEO after CEO of other companies scared to death to be confronted with for he will crash and step on them like an ant . Then yet, he's here in front of her asking for forgiveness? 'who did she save in her past life' Ann thought that put a smile on her face .

After a while of silence, she pulled her hands from Jeff and put her two hands on his face, kissed him lightly then look into his eyes that full of regret and said: " I don't need to forgive you! what you said is true, I'm like a shower and faucet knob that turns hot and cold . " she said it laughing . "Let's forget about it alright!"

Jeff was relieved from what he heard, now he can finally breathe again . The whole way to Ann's condo, he was hyperventilating and feels like dying . The thought of losing her is too much to bare for his heart . Now if he can only tell her about the impending marriage that his grandfather arranged for him, everything will be fine . But how is he going to explain it without making her mad again?

"Ann . . . I have something to tell you! please, listen carefully for the whole story before you say and do anything okay?" Jeff said nervously while his palm is sweating . He hugged Ann to make sure that she's not going to bolt and run . Then slowly whispering on her ears, telling her about his hidden fiancee without missing a beat . After all said and done, he pauses and waited for Ann's reaction . . .

A minute pass, 'Thump . . . thump . . . thump . . ' Jeff heartbeat is going haywire . His anxiety level shooting up once again, he's hyperventilating once more . . . "Ann . . . Ann? say something, please! you're scaring me here you know!" Jeff said almost in tears .

Ann wiggles out from Jeff's embrace got up and turned around so Jeff will not see the tears in her eyes that started falling then softly said: " Jeff, don't get me wrong okay! I understand what you just told me . It's not your fault and I'm not blaming your grandfather either for wanting this, but you need to take care of this matter first and when all is settled, comeback and will talk again about us .

For now, let's just stick with the contract first, we will live apart and go from there . "

"If you don't mind, I'm really tired and needed some rest, just see yourself out alright!" Walk toward the master bedroom and lock the door without looking back .

Jeff was dumbfounded, could not comprehend what had just happened, got up and walk out of Ann's condo speechless .

'He will give her time if that what she needed, he will take care of this mess his grandfather created for him, then come back to take his wife home . ' He needs to take action now! He's stepped becomes faster almost running, he's on his way to see his good old grandfather to settle the score .