Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:23 PM
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Chapter 47

Jeff went straight to his grandfather's mansion after leaving Ann's place . He's ready to tell his grandfather that his already married and has no plan on divorcing his wife in this lifetime .

He has prepared all the speech his planning to deliver to his grandfather, but he was in for a shock when he arrived at the mansion . In the living room sat CEO Tan, Claudia, and Ms . Sophia having a time in the world conversing . "Hello! Jeff, long time no see!" CEO Tan greeted him . "Hello! CEO Tan, how are you?" extending his hand for a handshake .

"Fine! just fine, your grandpa call me from the airport and told me to come and bring Claudia and Sophia, so here we are . I'm glad your here too, we were just discussing your engagement with Claudia . " CEO Tan said with a big smile showing teeth .

"Grandpa, can I talk to you in private?" Jeff asks . "It's about the engagement . . . " He did not get to finished what he wanted to say when Claudia cut him off and smiled so sweet and said: "Jeff, can we talk first? I really have something to discuss with you . It's really important, please!!!"

Jeff really doesn't have time to deal with Claudia, but this also has something to do with her future, so he agreed: "Alright! we can talk in the garden, follow me!" He said it unhappily .

"Everyone, if you'll excuse us lovebirds, will be right back . " Claudia addressing the elder .

" Go ahead, if you young lovers must speak with each other, then go!" Grandpa Go ordered them .

Jeff went ahead not waiting for Claudia, as soon as they're outside the garden Jeff turn around to face her and said: "Speak! what do you need to talk to me about?"

"Hold your horses ok! why are you ready to bite my head off, what did I do to deserve such a treatment?" Claudia asking Jeff with a stern face ready for battle .

'What happened to the sweet young girl with a sweet smile just now?" Jeff thought

"Regarding this impending engagement/wedding that we supposed to have, I want to make a deal with you! I know you don't like me as much as I don't like you . However, we are stuck in this together . So! I figured we can work out a deal, what do you think?" Claudia told Jeff without batting an eye .

"You want to work out a deal? and what is that! will you please elaborate a little?"

" You see! . . . I have a crush with one of your talents in Mega Entertainment . His name is Jonathan Lim, he's one of your A-list artist . I know he likes me also, but we cannot be together . That's where your part comes in handy . " Claudia speaking without missing a beat .

Jeff: " . . . ? I'm lost . . . will you explain to me how I'm being a part of this scheme you're talking about?

" I know you have a hidden girlfriend somewhere, I saw the new's you know! about the girl coming out of your private elevator in your hotel in America . That doesn't matter though, you can have your girlfriend and I can have my boyfriend . but in front of the other people, we are a couple you got that! is it a deal?" Claudia asking with her hand extended waiting for Jeff to shake as a deal .

Jeff stared at the half-wit spoiled rotten girl in front of him for a while before he also extended his hand and said: " Deal!" shaking Claudia hand as a sign of agreement .