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Chapter 48

Jeff and Claudia agreed to play the couple in front of everyone, the problem with that is Ann has also been included as part of the deal . 'Did I make a right decision? What if in turn, Ann decides to file for divorce then, what will I do?' Jeff was worried .


Ann's Condominium:

Lea was worried sick for her best friend who had stayed locked up in the room for the whole day, Ann has not eaten anything all day or even taken a sip of water .

'She wanted to go inside the room and check on her, but Ann has not opened the door and she doesn't have a key . The only thing she can do is wait for a while . If she still does not come out what do I do then?' Lea mumbling to herself while walking back and forth in front of the master bedroom .

' Should I call big boss Jeff? nah! . . . Lady boss will not like it, she might kill me in return . I haven't even had a chance to enjoy my luxurious room yet and I will die already . Let just wait and see Lea!' She told herself while walking back toward her own room .

Ann woke up a little groggy, went out of the room and look for something to eat . When she couldn't find anything she called Lea: " Hey! I'm starving, why don't we check out the outside surroundings and find something to eat while we're at it, what do you think?" She more or less told Lea then went back to her room to change her clothes without waiting for a reply .

Lea quickly got ready as well and happily humming when they went out of the door . Once they were inside the elevator, Lea decided to small talk: Hey! bestie, are you ready for adventure now? huh! huh! while nudging Ann with her elbow .

"Sure! I'm ready as I can be, vacation is over . . . it is now time to work . . . work . . work . . " Ann replied with a hint of sadness in her voice .

"Yap! work . . . work . . work . . . here we come people, be wary for a new "Diva" is on her way! hahaha!" Lea's laugh sounds strange as well even in her own ear .

Afterward they road the elevator silently, neither of them said a word until they were out in the open .


The following days Ann and Lea were busy . They had to attend meetings after meetings for the commercial Ann will be shooting with Sophia . They will be doing a series of commercials for various different brands housed in the Mega department stores . The first one will be for brand name baby products . Ann will be playing the younger version of Sophia as a young mother for the start of the commercial and will progress to Ann Aging and the child grows up . For the finale, Sophia will play the older version of Ann, while Ann will play the older version of the baby girl .

Sophia was excited when everything was finalized . Finally, they will have a chance to interact with each other even if it's only a commercial that good enough for her .

Ann, on the other hand, was nervous . She's not sure how she's going to work with her mother without showing her real emotion . "You can do this Ann, it's nothing! this is just a commercial . Once it's finished, you don't have to deal with her again . " She keeps telling herself hoping her mind would believe it .

Finally, the day to shoot the commercial has arrived .

Sophia doesn't have parts yet, but she still shows up in the sets to see if she give Ann some pointers in acting . (Like our M . C . will need pointers)

The first part of the commercial Ann will have to act with a male lead . ' The day that she supposed to meet the male lead, he has another engagement unable to attend the meeting . ' Ann was curious who the mysterious person could be?

Ann was getting ready in the dressing room . The makeup artist was doing her finishing touch when she heard a voice behind her: "Hi, I'm the 'male lead' of this commercial, the name is Jonathan Lim, nice to meet you!" Introducing himself to Ann with the sweetest smile he can come up with . (Troubles in the air)