Published at 13th of November 2018 10:00:20 PM

Chapter 49

Finally, the day to shoot the commercial has arrived . Ann was in the dressing room getting ready for the first part of the commercial . The makeup artist was doing her final touch when someone spoke from behind: "Hi! I'm the male lead of this commercial, the name is Jonathan Lim, nice to meet you!" Extending his hand for a handshake .

Ann . was a little taken back and unable to extend her hand to shake the young man's hand . "Hello, nice to meet you as well!" Ann replied staring at him without taking his hand to handshake . Ann action had made Jonathan a little embarrassed pulled his hand away . and just continued with his bright smile standing there like a male god statue .

Ann had met many celebrities in America, but she had never met anyone as handsome/beautiful as Jonathan . 'Based on her assessment Jonathan is about 6'2", well built, dark black hair cut short with a hint of highlight, eyes so . . . green with long thick curly lashes, pointy nose, kissable full lips with a skin as white as her like a porcelain . Girls, Boys, young or old, will admire him for his looks alone . ' Ann is no exception, she was captivated with his smile alone . (Jeff is in trouble)

Still smiling sweetly, Jonathan started to converse with Ann, doing his best to make her feel at ease . This made Ann anxiety for the upcoming shoot disappeared . She has found a new friend in the industries, a very handsome friend in which many will envy and probably kill her for it .

They started talking about past work history, etc . . etc . . They were so engrossed with their conversation that they did not realize two pairs of eyes shooting daggers at them at that moment .

Jeff and Claudia arrived at the set simultaneously, they greeted each other like strangers then went their own way to look for their respective partners . They found the persons they were looking for at same location, but they were in for a shock when they saw them very intimately conversing .

Jonathan seems to have cracked a joke, and Ann was laughing hard . This is the sight they saw when they arrive at the door of the dressing room . Which made two-person ready to Kill!!! from eating vinegar .

Claudia had managed to get a part in the commercial as Ann's younger sister . (through the connection of course) Jeff, on the other hand, was there as the owner of the Mega department stores . He went to the shoot in a pretense of checking the progress of the new spoke person his company sign . Therefore, he cannot do or say anything on what he just saw, all he could do is act like the CEO he is and cordially greet both of them . "Good day, Ms . Ann . . . Mr . Lim . . . " In his mind his imagining that his strangling Jonathan to death .

Claudia is a different matter, she needed to do something to make Jonathan jealous, so she grabbed Jeff hand and sweetly said for everyone in the room to hear: "The shoot shouldn't take long, we can have lunch afterward, what do you say? I know you miss me so much, but I do have a job you know!" half-heartedly teasing Jeff .

Ann: " . . . ?" Lost in translation . . . (don't know what's going on?)

Jonathan: " . . . " Shake his head, and just smiled turn his head back to Ann's direction and continued with his conversation as if nothing happens . (Dead-ma lang)

Jeff: "???" Contemplating if he should play along with Claudia or flat out refused her . ' If he plays along with this Snot . . . Ann might get jealous and come back home, that's not a bad Idea . ' He thought .