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Chapter 5

Ronald waited by the door of the ladies room . He saw Ann getting up and making her way to the ladies room a couple of minutes ago . "If his plan work's time, the couple will be celebrating this happy occasion together" . . .

For the past four years's his always on his toes . One minute they will be in a meeting, and as soon as it's over, his boss will tell him to book a flight because he misses his wife . . . " If everything works out with his plan, big boss and he might stay longer this time, and he can finally have a vacation . It had been four years since he had a real vacation . " Ronald daydreaming while waiting for Ann to come out of the Ladies room .

"Four years ago they had come to sign a contract for a business deal . Ronald was sound sleep in the hotel after a long flight when suddenly he received a call from his boss saying he got married" Ronald was not sure if it's for real: "Although his boss sounds drunk, he still clearly said he is now married . He was also told that for the contract signing, he will be the one present and will have to be done via conference call . " He thought . . . What the heck! . . is this for real? .

His cold face boss, who had never even give a second glance to all those women that were trying so hard to get his attention . Suddenly . . telling him he got married! . . . This is hilarious . . .

Ronald had been Jeff assistant since he took over the position of CEO right after college . On top of that, they had been a friend all through college years and not once he ever saw or mentioned a girlfriend . So . where did this girl come from? . . .

Ronald's was buried in his thought about the past when suddenly he heard a sweet voice saying: "Hi! I'm wondering had we meet before, It seems that I know you from somewhere?" Ann asked .

He was so deep in his thought that he was unprepared . He started stammering . . " oh! He-hello to you too! Yes! . . . , Yes! . We had met some year's back, you helped us with translations, do you remember? You did such a great job that we got the contract . " Ronald replied .

" I see! That's why you look very familiar, that's great . So . . . what brings you to town?" she asked him .

Ronald: "this is a God-given opportunity and should not be wasted . Actually, we are here to attend a graduation ceremony, my CEO wife is the valedictorian, and he wanted to celebrate with her together . " Ronald replied while looking at her confused reaction .

" Graduation, valedictorian, CEO wife . " as far as Ann knows there was only one graduation ceremony held today and the valedictorian is herself, but she's not married and to a CEO at that!? . . .

"Something fishy here . . . Wait a minute, could it be? no! . . . " Ann thought to herself . "That was a fake marriage, and I doubt his a CEO very much, why would he accept my proposal if not for the money?" Ann realizes that she was mumbling to herself .

'"So, which college did your boss wife graduated from?" Ronald was stunned for a moment, didn't know how to answer her question: "Actually . . . Actually . . . " Then they suddenly heard someone saying: " Harvard University" which is her school and she's the valedictorian .

When Ann turned to look at the direction where she heard the voice from, she's wishing and hoping in her mind that . . . that . . . then . . . . " It's him! . . . it really is him . . . . . in person, right in front of her" . She doesn't know whether she should laugh or cry .

She had much sleepless night thinking about him this last four years . How she wished that their marriage was for real . But in the end, he just disappeared just like that after that night . . . . .

When she woke up that morning, he was gone, and only a note and an envelope full of cash was left, never heard from him since then . . . . . Until now . . .