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Chapter 50

Previous chapter:

Jeff's was contemplating if he should play along with Claudia or flat out refused her . ' If he plays along with this Snot . . . Ann might get jealous and come back home, that's not a bad Idea . ' He thought .


Jeff was about to play along with Claudia's scheme when the Director yelled out: "Everyone to the set, ready for the first shoot! those that are not on this scene, please step aside . "

Claudia and Sophia were not in this scene yet, so they just stayed in the background to see how this will unfold . Sophia is anxious for Ann, while Claudia waiting for Ann to make a fool of herself . 'Let see how good you are, acting high and mighty just because you look like the "Diva" . Just wait and see and I will show you who the star of this show!' Claudia's thinking to herself .

When Ann and Jonathan walk in into the sets, everyone jaw drop " Wow! look how gorgeous the couple is, they look like a match made in heaven . " one of the cameraman comment point the camera toward them .

"Yes! if they become a love team, their popularity will sore to the sky!" The assistant cameraman said while pointing the angle of the camera lens to Ann and Jonathan as well . "Hope they can act too! if they are, there's no telling what will happen in the future . " the cameraman replied back and continue setting the equipment .

"Get ready!" Director yelled through the speaker .

First act:

The couple (Ann and Jonathan) just received a news from the hospital that they are going the be a parent soon . When they hear the news, they will be both excited and Jonathan will praise his young wife and give her a loving hug and peck on her cheek . Ann, in turn, will have a tear of joy and hug him back and tell him how much she loves to have this child with him .

Second act:

Will be in the child bedroom where they will be decorating the rooms with all the brand product from that store, showing the viewer how beautiful they look in a room once it's set up . That will be the end of the first product and the first shooting of the commercial .

Take one: scene 1

Ann and Jonathan prepared themselves and sat on the sofa (props) waiting for the queue . "Action!" The pair did it in one take that everyone was amazed how professional they were . They look like they were a real couple in love who just received a news about the pregnancy . The endearment they show each other was unbelievable .

The one that's eating vinegar was on the sideline ready to stop the shooting if it does not go his/her way . "CEO Jeff" & Ms . Claudia Tan

Take one: scene 2

Same way as the first scene, they did it in one take . "Congratulation on the first part! you both did a great job . It's a rap today! will see you all on the location tomorrow for the next part of the commercial . " The Director announced to everyone .

Once everyone started clearing, Lea who was standing by running straight right to Ann's direction to give her the good news . " Good news! . . . I just received a call from the casting director for an upcoming drama adaptation, an Asian version of the musical Fame . They want you to try out for the Lead Actress . What do you think?" Lea asking Ann excitedly without realizing that his big bad boss is right there trying to get his wife's attention .

"Which drama is that?" Jonathan asks Lea nonchalantly . "

"It's an Idol drama with the musical 'Asian version' which is my dear talent's 'Ann . . . Fortey!" Lea said sweetly looking at Claudia with her eyes saying "Take that!"

"Really! I was asked to play in it too, but I turned it down due to conflict with my schedule, but if Ann will be the lead, I will change my schedule around and take the male lead . " Jonathan said excitedly looking at Ann for an answer .

Ann: "I will have to see the script first, but I would love to be in the same drama with you!" showing her pearly white teeth to Jonathan, blushing .

Claudia, hearing this instantly excused herself, went to make a phone call to her Agent .

Sophia who's just watching the whole scene unfolding in front of her, smiling to herself " You, my dear daughter will be the Diva's Princess in Asia in no time" and walk off the set without anyone noticing .

Jeff who's just standing there un-noticed by everyone is now in the verge of going berserk thinking: "Let see if you become the male lead" he then took his phone out and made a phone call . (Eating extra sour vinegar)