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Chapter 51

Previous chapter:

Jeff who's just standing there un-noticed by everyone is now in the verge of going berserk thinking: "Let see if you become the male lead" he then took his phone out and made a phone call . (Eating extra sour vinegar)


The second part of the commercial:

This time the commercial will be for the children stores, they will feature brand names clothing, shoes, school accessories . This time Ann will be dressed conservatively, in a white summer dress, sleeveless and form fitting which highlight all her body curves . Her long black hair will be swept up into a ponytail, making her look homely with the bare minimum of makeup .

In this scene, she will be acting with Claudia .

She will be out shopping with her younger sister 'Claudia' and daughter, 'which will be played by a young child actor with similar features with Ann' for future reference .


Lea and Ann arrived early at the location, Since's she not yet that popular, they did not request a bodyguard to accompany them on the shoot . When they enter the shopping mall, they were surprised to see a lot of people standing by waiting to watch which celebrities will be filming .

They tried to act like a normal shopper, but when people saw Ann, they knew in an instant that she's one of the celebrity . Her beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when she walks, is like she's walking in a catwalk which can be detected by any passerby, her aura is off like a superstar .

"Who is she? She's so beautiful, she must be one of the celebrity!" One shopper whispered to another person . "Let's go ask her for a picture and autograph!" The other person said . "Are you sure? she could be just another shopper, but on the other hand, we better ask now before we lose the opportunity if she is one of the celebrity . " The other person insisted,

The two friends trying to act consciously walking around the bystander, when: "Excuse me! can we have a picture taken and autograph please!" The duo asks Ann and Lea with a pleading smile on their face while waiving the cellphone in one hand .

Ann was startled at first, but regain her sense when Lea stands aside and nods to Ann who's hesitating . She smiled sweetly to the two shoppers, then: "Sure! it's my pleasure . " Then posed with the two showing beautiful pearly white teeth . She then asks if they have a pen handy and gave them her autograph happily .

The two shopper's was elated to the bone . As they were walking they were waiving in the air the signed autograph and cellphone with the picture they had taken . While thanking her wholeheartedly for her kindness . " She's the best, what's her name? Ann Wen . . . so! her name is Ann Wen . " One of the shoppers said . " Ann Wen!!! we love you! were your #1 fan!!!" The other shopper yelled .

The other bystanders that was waiting heard the person yelling and started running to Ann's direction like a mob . Just in time for Jeff and Ronald to see what was happening . They rush to Ann and Leah and ushered them to a secluded area .

Ann was shaking and unable to breathe from running . "What was that? Why are they coming after me? that was scary!" Looking at her husband who's concern showing on his face, but unable to show his affection in public . "From now on, don't you ever go in a public area without a bodyguard you hear me! what would you have done if I had not arrived in time?" Jeff concern in his voice .

As they were having the discussion, Claudia arrived acting like the "Diva's Princess" . When she saw the four in the secluded place, she wonders what's going on . 'There's is something wrong with the picture here? Is she the faceless girlfriend? Hmmm, I need to find out one way or the other . '

Claudia walk where the four are: "Well, hello sweety pie! what's brings you here? You missed me so much that you can't stay away from me?" Provoking Jeff and Ann .