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Chapter 52

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Claudia walk where the four are: "Well, hello sweety pie! what's brings you here? You missed me so much that you can't stay away from me?" Provoking Jeff and Ann .


Jeff just ignored Claudia's banter and continued with his overprotective action with Ann . "I'm alright now, I was just startled when I saw the block of people coming to my directions, it was really nothing serious . Thank you, for your concern CEO Go . " Ann told Jeff removing his hands away from her .

"If you're sure? then I'll be on my way!!!" Jeff is really upset how Ann is treating him right now, but it's all his fault and he needed to rectify it . The sooner the better all he might really end up losing his wife in the process .

Claudia was fuming when she realized that she was ignored by Jeff just like that . They have an agreement and it seems his reneging on the deal . ' Let see what you will do on the day of grandpa Go's birthday . You will regret how you're treating me, you watch!' Then turned around and stormed off to the direction of the dressing room without bothering with Ann and Lea .

Finally, they set to start filming . The child that will be playing as Ann's daughter is a cute little girl with long black hair, small round face, a little chubby cheek and cute little voice . When Ann met her, she instantly falls in love with the child . 'How she wishes that she can have a daughter like her' Ann thought while smiling .

"Everyone, take your rightful places now! filming is about to begin . " The director spoke loud in the speaker his holding .

Claudia, Ann, and the little girl went to their respective place waiting for the cue: "Action!" As soon as it was heard, Ann and the little started their act of shopping for the little girl first day at school . Claudia role is to tag along while their shopping, nothing else . Instead of acting her role, she starts doing her own thing making an NG . "Cut!" the Director yelled . " Claudia! what is that all about? you're only supposed to tag along during the shopping, why are you creating your own scene?" The Director asks Claudia .

"I'm sorry! I just thought it's too boring for me to just look and no touch, so I improvised a little . " Trying to be cute while she said it . Unfortunately, the Director did not buy it and glared at her" Don't do it again, follow the script okay!" Let's start again, then went back to his chair .

"Action! . . . Cut! . . . NG again, trying again . Action! . . . CUT!!!! NG again!" The Director and everyone else in the set, is now getting tired of Claudia not following the script . Claudia, on the other hand, is having fun and enjoying everyone's discomfort especially Ann .

"This is the last one that I'm giving you Claudia! if you still NG this scene then get out of my set! You hear me!" The Director warned her for the last time . They all went back to their spots and started the same process: "Action! . . . Cut!" It's good, that's a rap . " The Director order .

"What the hell was that all about?" Lea asks Ann as they were heading to the dressing room" She could have done it just like that from the beginning, why did she make hard for everyone?"

"I know right?" One of the assistance from the set that was following behind them said .

Ann just stayed quiet the whole time, she really doesn't have much to say when it comes to Claudia . If she can help it, she doesn't have any intention of acting with her in this commercial, but Claudia was able to squeeze in . What is she to do, but suffer through the ordeal . "Hopefully, this is the only scene I have with her, I will be satisfied if I never laid eye on her again . " She said and just kept on walking .

That night back in the condo, Ann was reading the script for the Drama that Lea wanted her to star with Jonathan . The script is just right in her alley, just like Lea said . Musical with some acting . The story is well written, it had been revised to fit Asian actors it feels like it was designed just for her .

She was in deep thought when her phone started buzzing, It's Mr . CEO: "Hello!" she answers .

"Hi! what are you doing?" Jeff ask

"Reading script for a Drama, what about you?"

"Lonely! and missing you! can I come over for a little? please!!!

"Aren't you busy? I thought a CEO are normally busy and no time to socialize? how come it seems you have all the time in the world . Do you ever work?" Ann replied without actually answering his request .

"You haven't answered my question, can I come over just . . for a tiny bit?" He asks once again .

" I guess, it's alright! Lea is out for the night and is just me by myself, so come if you want . "

"Really!!! I'll be right over!"

Not a minute pass Ann hears the door opening and Jeff walk in still in his office suits . It seems that he was outside the door already and has a set of the key on hand .

Ann:" . . . ?" Then she realized: "LEA!!!!"