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Chapter 53

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Not a minute pass Ann hears the door opening and Jeff walk in still in his office suits . It seems that he was already outside her door with a set of keys on hand .

Ann: " . . . ?" Then realized . . . "LEA!!!"


It seems that her good friend-Manager Lea had a scheme on her hand . Earlier that day, Lea informed her that she met a guy and wanted to take her out to dinner . Ann didn't pay much attention to what Lea told her, she was engrossed reading the script . She didn't realize that Lea had set her up . 'Just wait and see if I don't get even with you . You sly!' Ann thought .

To get rid of the awkwardness in the room: "Did you have dinner yet?" Ann asks Jeff making small talk . "As a matter of fact, not yet! I'm really famished right now . do you have anything I can eat?" He asks Ann, but in his mind: "I would rather eat you though!" (he's sounding like a pervert with this thought)

"I cooked some simple dishes if you don't mind eating this type of food, I'll prepare it for you if you like? " Ann said while getting up heading to the direction of the kitchen trying to ease the nervousness she feeling right now . Jeff followed her into the kitchen like a little kitten . . .

Ann was shocked to see a table set for two with a candle lit in the middle . There's a wine chilling in some kind of bucket, two wine glass, and two plates with a cover on top . 'How? . . . Lea!!! Oh . . it's so sweet of her to think of this . . . Okay! I forgive you for now' She told herself not letting Jeff see how elated she was .

"It seems that someone knew your coming and had made all the necessary arrangement already, do you have anything to do with this?" Asking Jeff with the look that could kill . "Are you sure? you're not in cahoot with my dearest Manager, cuz if you are . . . "

"Ah . . ah! ' shaking his head' don't know anything about this at all" Jeff replied with a smile that could melt a frozen heart . "Since certain person had gone through all this trouble, why can't we just enjoy it? Let eat!" Jeff pulled one of the chairs, motioned Ann to sit down .

"Let see what we got? Hmmm . . . Steak and Lobster . " Jeff sat down as well grab the fork and steak knife, and started slicing the steak into little pieces . After he finished he took the plate in front of Ann, replaced it with the one he has in front of him . "He's so thoughtful!" Ann thought secretly smiling feeling a little giddy .

Jeff poured wine into Ann's glass, then his: "This is a sweet wine, not much of alcohol in this, you will not get drunk from taking a sip okay! Even if you do, I'm here to take care of you!" His eyes looking at Ann like a hungry wolf ready to gobble . . . gobble .

Ann just smiled to Jeff without responding, grab the glass of wine and started drinking: 'Taking care of me . . . ? More like, will take advantage of me! hmmm . . . I know what your thinking dude! I wasn't born yesterday . ' Ann thought to herself, not realizing that she thought it out loud .

Jeff: "*cough*<ahem>*cough*" and give Ann a wide grin showing is white teeth .

Ann: " . . . ?"

After dinner, they moved to the living room to a more relaxed environment . Ann sat back down and grabbed the script that she was reading, while Jeff picked up the remote to the home theatre system and turn some romantic music on . He then went to the sofa where Ann was seating tried to lie his head on her lap which was stopped halfway through .

"What do you think your doing, Mr . Go? I already fed you, shouldn't you be on your way out?" Ann's preventing Jeff head to land on her lap . "Let me just rest for a little Okay! I had a really rough day today, just for a little bit, please!" Jeff pleaded eyes looking so tired and worn out, but still handsome as ever .

Ann, couldn't find it in her heart to kick Jeff's out so, she let him lay his head on her lap . Not even a minute pass, she heard his heavy breathing---already passed out! . . .