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Chapter 54


"What do you think your doing, Mr . Go? I already fed you, shouldn't you be on your way out?" Ann's preventing Jeff head to land on her lap . "Let me just rest for a little Okay! I had a really rough day today, just for a little bit, please!" Jeff pleaded eyes looking so tired and worn out, but still handsome as ever .

Ann, couldn't find it in her heart to kick Jeff's out so, she let him lay his head on her lap . Not even a minute pass, she heard his heavy breathing---already passed out! . . .


Jeff looks so tired that she felt pain in her heart by just looking at him laying there . She figure is not going to hurt anyone to let him rest for a while . Ann continued reading the script while one hand is playing with Jeff's ear, caressing slowly .

She did not realize what she was doing was actually stimulating the sleeping Jeff on her lap . She went from his ears to his hair then to his face . Suddenly, the sleeping Jeff is wide awake, he got up took the script from her hand, picked her up and carried her in his shoulder to the bedroom .

"Jeff! . . put me down! What do you think you're doing?" Ann, kicking and screaming at him .

"My beautiful wife, I have not done anything yet! What I'm planning to do will be . . . you'll find out when we get to the bedroom . " Spanking her behind (butt) in reply .

Once they reach the bedside, Jeff slowly put her down on the bed and started kissing her, while his hand was caressing the two mountain in front of her . . . Slowly . . . but inevitably, he begins to undress her .

Ann was getting stimulated too, but her common sense kicked in, and she pushes Jeff's hand away: "Jeff, stop for a moment . . . Jeff . . . please!!!"

Jeff did not hear the first part of what she said, the only thing he heard was the, please!!! Part . He continued what he was doing and becoming more and more heated by the moment . "Sweetheart, honey, my love! Can I, please!!! I really can't stop this time? I had been waiting patiently for the last four years, can't we???"

Ann was already in the point of no return, because of what Jeff was doing while begging and pleading . . . The common sense that she has earlier on had all went out the window right after she heard him moaning and panting while going down under . . . way . . . down under there!!! (xxx)

They were so tired after the deed that they both been knock out .

Next morning was Saturday Jeff don't need to go to the office . Is so happen that Ann does not have any shooting that day as well . So they stayed in bed just snuggling with each other . Soon you know they were doing the second round like there's no tomorrow . . .


They were taking a shower together, playing around when . . . "Ann . . . Ann . . . where are you? . . . "

Lea just arrived, not knowing Jeff was still there . . . She went into Ann's bedroom without knocking . (Ann does not lock her bedroom door) She was calling Ann's name when she heard the water running in the bathroom, she was shocked by what she saw when she opened the door . . .