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Chapter 55

They were taking a shower together, playing around with each other, when . . . "Ann . . . Ann . . . where are you? . . . "

Lea just arrived, not knowing Jeff was still there . . . She went into Ann's bedroom without knocking . (Ann does not lock her bedroom door) They had been a friend since childhood, She basically had seen everything there is to see in regards to Ann .

She was calling Ann's name when she heard the water running in the bathroom, she pushed open the door and she was shocked by what she saw . . . Jeff was standing with his back "bare naked" washing Ann with soap . 'What a sight for Lea to see, she closed the door right away and run as fast as she can to her room and lock it . "Dung! what a fine . . . specimen he is, no wonder my girlfriend can't get enough of him . hehe . he!" Laughing and crying at the same time .

Ann and Jeff finished taking a shower without knowing that Lea had been there and seen them interacting so lovingly in the shower: "Hon . . . I think we got a problem, you have no clothes to change into . " Ann said while he's helping her dry her hair with a towel .

"It's fine, I can just stay like this 'butt naked' until Ronald or Lea come to get me some change of clothes from the Mansion . " Pulled Ann to his embrace then jumping on the bed with her playfully .

"Jeff, it's enough . . . we haven't use any protection at all, we could be . . . already, you know!" Ann pushing him away . "Why is this man acting like a baby around me, but a hard nose (stuck-up) around other people?" Ann's wondering .

"I think, is kind of late to worry about it now after two rounds . Another round will not make any difference, don't you think so?" Jeff is really pushing it to the max now: ' You will never know where the wind could blow tomorrow, better get as much as I can now . ' He taught while he's going for round number 3 and KO .

In reality, Jeff just wants to ensure that his place in Ann's life will not change . After meeting Jonathan Lim, he's a little insecure and just wanted to make sure . 'Ann is his wife and will stay that way for the rest of their life, at least on his part anyway . '


Go Mansion:

"What do you mean Jeff's not home? It's Saturday and it's not even noon yet, why wouldn't he be home? don't lie to me! call him to come down here right now!" Grandpa Go screaming on the top of his lung for the world to hear .

"B-but, Sir! Boss, Master . . . he did not come home last night, that's why he's not home right now . " The young housekeeper told the old man .

"He's not home? what do you mean he did not come home last night? did he go on a business trip?" grandpa Go asks again . "Why aren't you answering my question? did he go or did he not go? which one is it?"

"Actually, Sir! Boss, Master . . . The young master went to his wife condo and spent the night there . . . "

Grandpa Go: "What did you just say? Wife . . . What-WIFE!!! are you talking about? You better make it clear or else . . .

The young housekeeper (spilled all the beans)everything she knew, afraid that grandpa will fire her if she don't . . .

"JEFFREY GO!!! You just wait, when I catch you . You will wish that you never met that woman of yours! 'WIFE!!! ' Who gave you permission . Over my dead body!" As soon as the word left his mouth . In a matter of minutes-he collapsed on the floor . . .