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Chapter 56

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"JEFFREY GO!!! You wait, when I catch you . You will wish that you never met that woman of yours! 'WIFE!!! ' Who permitted you . Over my dead body!" As soon as the word left his mouth, In a matter of minutes-he collapsed on the floor .


Jeff Mansion:

The young housekeeper did not know what to do . " Help! . . help! Master had collapsed!" She screams like a hyena that everyone in the mansion run to see what's happening . " Call the family doctor quick!" One of the help said while squatting down ready to give the old man CPR . However, before he had a chance, grandpa Go come to his sense just as the family doctor came in .

"How are you feeling? Your pretty lucky that I was close by if not who knows what can happen to you? Do you know how many fingers is this?" His hand in front of the old man . "Two!" Grandpa Go replied still groggy and out of sort . "Are you sure now?" The Doctor jokingly asks him .

"Why don't you ever listen to any advice I give you? I told you not just once, but many times to not anger yourself or it could cost your life . You never listen!" The Family Doctor retorted .

" I know . . . I know! I was doing my best not to get upset, but this scoundrel of a grandson of mine just did it on purpose . He has done and got himself a wife, knowing I already have one picked for him . How am I supposed to take it lightly? Tell me!" He told him angrily .

"What do you mean he got married? To whom? Which girl? It's amazingly incredible; Jeff finally outwitted you . Ha ha ha!" patted grandpa's shoulder as he laughs out loud .

"Well, it seems that you're doing fine now, so what's the plan? I know your planning something to get even with your grandson, and you want me to help you right? Just like four years ago . " The doctor was asking grandpa Go seriously .

" Well . . . I do have something in mind that I want you to help me if this works out that unwanted grand-daughter inlaw will be out of the picture before my 60th birthday/ . "


Tan Mansion:

"Edna, will you give me Ms . Wen telephone number," Sophia asks her Manager, "While you at it, call my designer to come, I have an Idea for an outfit for Chairman Go 60th birthday .

"Yes! Mrs . Tan, "she then proceeds to make the call . " Hello! This is Edna, Mrs . Tan's Manager may speak to the head designer . Yes! is about a new design for her outfit . " She was put on hold for less than a minute, and the Head designer quickly got on the phone, " Yes, my dear . . . you said she has a design she wants me to look at, I mean to make? Sure . . sure I'll be right over . " then hung up .

The meantime, Sophia made a call to Lea: " Hello! This is Sophia, may I speak with Ann . " in a tone more like demanding than asking . [No please, no high, just know how] She's a 'Diva' after all . "Just a minute please, let me see if she's available," Lea said it sweetly but contemplating if she should bother the couple . 'Should she play dumb and flat-out lie' . 'Nuh! she can get into hot water if she's caught, better not . '

*knock* *knock!* "Ann . . . it's me, can you come out for a minute, please!" Whispering, barely audible for anyone to hear . [Ann and Jeff went back to sleep after their round 3, both got K . O . ]

However, Ann is a light sleeper, she heard the light knocking that Lea did . She removed Jeff's hand from the hug slowly as to not wake him up . Got up from the bed and tip-toe to the door and whisper back to Lea: "What is it?"

Lea whispers back . . . "Your Highness the Princess, a call from the Mother Queen! Ms . Sophia the 'Diva . " Lea was just joking, not knowing how accurate what she just said . "Do you want to take the call?" Ann was about to tell Lea that's she not available but decided to take the call instead .

She opened the door a little and put her hand out to take the phone: " Ann speaking, can I help you?" speaking professionally .

"Hello! Ann, This is Sophia if you have time . . . I'm wondering if I can invite you to my home for a chat and a tea?" Anxiously waiting for her reply .

Ann: " . . . ?" Don't know how to reply . . . "I'm sorry, I need to . . . " Sophia cut her off: " Please say you'll come! please!!! the sound of her voice is cracking like she's about to cry . . .

Ann felt her heart tightening, she started suffocating and almost in tears for what she heard . 'What do you want from me? do you know who I am? Do you know that I'm the daughter you abandon 22 years ago and never looked back even once? It's too late Mother . . . you already inflicted so much pain in me . '

Ann wanted to tell her mother all that, instead: "Let me check my schedule for the day alright and I'll get back with you!" Then hung up without saying goodbye, walked back to the bedroom lay back down next to Jeff, hug him really tight, then started sobbing . . .