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Chapter 57


Ann felt her heart tightening, she started suffocating and almost in tears for what she heard . 'What do you want from me? Do you know who I am? Do you know that I'm the daughter you abandon 22 years ago and never looked back even once? It's too late Mother! you already inflicted so much pain in me . '

Ann wanted to tell her mother all that, instead: "Let me check my schedule for the day alright, and I'll get back with you!" Then hung up without saying goodbye, walked back to the bedroom lay back down next to Jeff, hug him tight, then started sobbing .


Jeff was awakened from a sound of sobbing; he suddenly felt Ann shuddering and it pained him to listen . He wasn't sure how to comfort his wife, so he just hugged her tighter and whispered some loving and comforting word:" Sweetheart, I'm here, okay! Whatever it is that burdening you, share it with me alright . If it's someone that caused this, tell me who it is . I will take care of it for you?"

Ann was so touched of how tender and loving Jeff toward her . She cried much harder after when she realized that their marriage is still a contract between them . The union that was just accidental and not meant to be .

'She now realized that she's in love with her husband as much as he's in love with her . There still that impending arranged marriage that hovering above their head that needed to be addressed one way or the other; She thought .

"Jeff, can we talk?"

"Sure! What is it? What's bothering you? tell me?" Jeff replied with a tender kiss on her forehead, and his lips just stayed there waiting for her to say whatever she wants to talk about .

"It's about your family, do you think they will accept?" Ann asked, her voice sound so tense and pressured .

'What if they don't accept me? now that I know's I'm in love with my husband, how can I divorce him?-No matter what, I will fight for my love, whatever it takes I will not give up my husband and divorce is not an option!; She thought .

"Why wouldn't they accept you! Your smart, beautiful, intelligent, pretty . " Jeff said jokingly to Ann trying to make her smile .

"That's it? That's all I have to offer? to sum it up, I only have two quality to show for, that's not comforting to know . " Ann became much sadder than she was before . Teardrop is about to drip from her eyes again, but she stopped it just in time .

"Sweetheart, you have many, many, many and many more qualities than that! I was just playing with you . I wish to see a smile on your face, not tears . I love you so much! My heart is breaking to see you cry your eye out you know!" Jeff is getting anxious now .

"Besides, we are husband and wife . In the eyes of the law and Almighty . We are bound together, richness and in health till death do we part . (not for sickness and poorer) -Since I'm really rich and very healthy . " Jeff said seriously with a hidden smile on his lips .

" Jeff you're crazy, you know that! How can you joke about something like that?" Ann smiling now because of what her husband just said .

"Kidding aside, no matter what happens and whatever my family says or do . You become Mrs . Jeff Go four years ago and there will only be one in this life or in my next life, you hear me? Mrs . Jeff Go!" Then hugged her so tight and kissed her sweet like a honey .

Ann felt much better after hearing that, she just took whatever Jeff is giving her and return double of the sugar she received . "Jeff . . . what do you think our babies would look like if we have one?' Ann asks shyly . 'How nice would it be if they have a baby, they will be a real family, her own family!' she thought .

Jeff: "Why don't we make one now, so we can find out soon, the sooner the better" and jump on top of her squeezing, caressing, hugging, kissing, and (anything and everything ending with the 'ing' ) . Jeff did to Ann with no complaint .

To be continued: