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Chapter 58


Sophia was anxious that Ann hasn't called back yet, that was over a couple hours ago . She keeps on wonder what Ann answer might be? Suddenly, her cell phone started flashing . She was so excited she almost tripped and fell . She didn't bother checking the caller number just answered the phone .

"Hello!" A disappointment on Sophia's face is showing . It was not Ann, someone else is calling: "Yes! This is Mrs . Tan, and who may I ask calling?" Sophia replied a little agitated . "Mrs . Tan, before I say anything I just want to ensure you that we are doing our best . . . " The caller said .

"What do you mean you're doing your best? explain yourself or else!" Sophia's upset now .

"Like I said before I got interrupted, I'm calling from The Medical Center, Your husband CEO Tan and his driver was in a car accident and was taken her in our Hospital . The driver is dead on arrival, and your husband is in critical condition right now . " The caller replied in a hurry explaining to Sophia .

"What!!! what you mean . . . I'll be right there!" She hung up and called her Manager Edna: "Get the car ready! Albert was in a car accident, that was the hospital calling . " Sophia explained to Edna while getting ready to go .

"Someone call Claudia, tell her what happen and to meet me at the Hospital asap," Sophia ordered .

"Everyone at Tan Mansion is in a panic mode, this is the patriarch of the house, if anything happens to their Master, they could all lose their job .

Sophia did not care for her appearance at all, she did not have any makeup on, she's wearing a simple dress, not a clothes fit for a Diva . That did not matter to her, who cares about her image right now, she's worried about her husband who's in critical condition .

As soon as Sophia arrives in the hospital, many reporters are already waiting at the door of the Hospital . They needed to use the back way so they cannot detect her . Once the Director of the hospital saw Sophia, he knows right away who she is and ushered her to a private meeting room so no one can bother them while he's explaining to her what's the situation .

"Mrs . Tan, please rest assured that we are doing our best for CEO Tan to have a smooth surgery . The best surgeon is doing the operation right now . "

The Director told Sophia trying to console her .

"How long has it been since they went into the surgery? Sophia asks calmly without a hint of emotion or reaction on her face .

"They went in less than an hour ago, we should be able to hear from the Assisting nurse soon . May I get you something to drink while we wait?" When Sophia did not reply, he just excused himself and left to get something and some news .

"Everything going to be fine, don't worry okay! cry if you need to, don't hold it, is not good for you to get sick as well . " Her Manager Edna trying to tell her not to hold anything back and let her emotion out . "Sophia then hugged her Manager and cried her heart out .

"Mrs . Tan, I'm sorry to bother you, but we have a problem right now, and we need your help . " The director interrupts Sophia's crying .

"Go on! What is it? Tell me? Don't just dilly-dollying, tell me what you need my help for?" Sophia snarled . "You know your husband has a rare blood type right? Right now we don't have any blood left in the Hospital or anywhere nearby . Does he have immediate family with the same blood type, a son or a daughter perhaps?"

Claudia showed up just in time to hear what the Director was saying: "I'm his daughter, you can use my blood to save my father . I'm not exactly sure my blood type is, but he's my father, I'm sure we must have the same one . " She said arrogantly to the Director of the Hospital .

"Since that's the case, let's not waste time . Let's go to the Testing lab so we can find out if you're a match with your father's blood . Miss Tan this way, please!" The Director leads the way .

As they walk, the Hospital Director tried to explain to Claudia in regards to needing to match DNA as well beside the blood . Claudia looked at the Director and said: " Didn't you just called me Miss Tan, it means you know his, my Father . What are you talking about matching DNA? were wasting too much time . Just do it and save my father alright!

The Director shut up and leads her to the lab to take samples of her blood to test .

Time is ticking while they're waiting for the result . As soon as a result comes out, the Technician looked at it and was in for a shock .

Based on the DNA result, Claudia is 0000000 . 8% compatibility with Albert Tan . the test could only mean one thing, she's not Albert's biological daughter .

When Claudia was informed of this, she went hysterical and about to throw tantrum . Then she remembers the agreement between Granma Tan and Granpa Go, the marriage agreement between their descendants . Means blood relative, and she has no blood relation with Mrs . Tan based on this Test . It means the agreement is now null and void . She needed to think fast: "Director, may I speak with you in private?" . . .

To be continued: