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Chapter 59


Based on the DNA result, Claudia is 0000000 . 8% compatibility with Albert Tan . The test could only mean one thing, she's not Albert's biological daughter .

When Claudia was informed of this, she went hysterical and about to throw a tantrum . Then she remembers the agreement between Granma Tan and Granpa Go, the marriage agreement between their descendants . Means blood relative, and she has no blood relation with Mrs . Tan based on this Test . It says the deal is now null and void . She needed to think fast: "Director, may I speak with you in private?" . . .


Claudia is not stupid, throwing a tantrum will only cause her a problem . It's best for her to keep quiet, what she needed to do is ensure that this is not publicized . Cladia cannot afford to lose her status as the Princess of the Tan household . She has to come up with a scheme:

"Director may speak wit in private? Any place where no one can hear our discussion? This is very important and I don't want anyone knowing about this, especially my step-mother, you understand?" She told the Director of the hospital with the looks that could kill without batting an eye .

Claudia made a deal with the Director and paid him a lot of money to shut his mouth and the technician as well . A lot of money and a better future in Medical industries .

Tan family name is very prestigious and came from a line of the old Monarch . On top of having old money, there's also Sophia who's a very famous celebrity in the whole country . Tan family ranks in # 10 most influential and wealthy in the country, whereas the Go family ranks # 1 in everything . Claudia knows this, and she's not about to give it up .


Claudia is an actress, acting is very for her . She told the Director to scram, and she will be the one to explain the detail to Sophia . The problem about blood for her father still exist . Even though she now knows that Albert that is not her biological father, he is still her father who had given her the best of everything in the world .

*huh-huh-huh* Claudia came in with eye full of tears and sorrow . "Mother, I'm s-sorry! But my blood type is not matched with Dad, what should we Mother? Dad only has me, he has no other children as far as I know off . " She's looking at Sophia's reaction to her acting, making sure that she believes her words .

'Ah!!!! what do I do now? I need to think . . . I need to do something, time is ticking, and I can't let him die . I waited for 20 some odd years to reconcile with him . I cannot and will not let him die!' Sophia thinking of something is showing off her face reaction, and it did not miss Claudia's suspicious eyes .

"Mother!!! Please say something . I know you have a solution right? Dad will not die, right?" I will die too if anything happens to my Father, please Mother thinks of a way . Please!!!!" Claudia was really hysterical now . [Not sure if it's for real or just acting] However, anyone can see from her look and the way she's acting that it's working, showing that she really loves Albert Tan .

"Wait!!! Enda, give me my phone! and you and you pointing on both of Edna and Claudia, step out for a minute, I need to make a private call . " Sophia ordered them . They did not argue to her request and just stepped out of the room .

As soon as the two left, Sophia dialed a number : *Ring . . ring . . ring . . * 'no answer,' *Ring . . . ring . . . ring . . . * a second past by, then a voice mail kicked in . she doesn't know if she should leave a message or try again?' Sophia's is about to have a heart attack, her blood pressure is shooting up in the sky .

'What is she going to do if she cannot get a hold of this person . The only person that can save her husband . ' Sophia decided to try again, if still no answer, she will go personally to beg this person, if she needs to go on her knees she will . *Ring . . . ring . . * suddenly "Hello!" A voice was on the other line .

To be continued: