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Chapter 6

Time seems to had stopped at that moment for Ann and Jeff . It had been four years since the last time they were together . "A very brief time . . . "



Four years ago, Jeff had a big business contract deal to sign . With this business deal, they can no longer question his ability to his position as CEO of this Multi-billion company . He had to fly sixteen hours for the contract signing, only to find out that the translator had fallen sick and could not make it . His assistant "Ronald" had tried to find the replacement, but with such a short time, he was not successful .

Jeff can speak Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Dutch, and English fluently . However, the person his having contract signing is from a specific company in R Country in which the representative requested that everything must be done in their native language . They had arranged the translator way ahead of time, and everything was set, but in the last moment he got food poisoning and could not make it .

Jeff decided that he needed to unwind and went to the closest club from the Hotel where he's staying . Ronald did not come, he was in charge of finding a replacement translator . He remembers that one of his old friend from his hometown migrated to this City and decided to give him a call .

" So! let me make this clear, you need a translator asap . . . must be a man . . . if not available a woman is acceptable, but she must be either married or over forty years old no exception? . . . " Ronald friend asked . "Yup!, no exception! You better not screw this up" . Ronald warned his friend . . .

Ronald's friend is down in his luck, this is an opportunity to make some quick bucks . But who can he recommend? He suddenly remembers that his new girlfriend "Lea" can speak various languages, with luck she might know this one if not her best friend Ann is also a candidate: "Sure no problem! tell me where and when and I will make sure to bring one . " He told Ronald .

"You got less than a day, tomorrow at Mega hotel penthouse, bring the person . If this person can do the job, you will be paid handsomely you clear?"

"Yah! Yah! I understand, will be there don't worry . " The man said .


Best club in town:

As soon as Ann and Lea enter the club, they were approached by two rich looking guys right away . The clothes they are wearing clearly show the brand name . Living in this city, it's easy to spot 2nd generation heir in a heartbeat . . they like flaunting their riches . . .

However, Ann was not there to find a rich guy, she's there to find a man down in his luck and need to make a quick buck . The one who's targeting rich young ladies . . . So . . she ignored them and continued heading towards the bar .

They sat down in the bar to have a better view of the area . . . Ann ordered virgin pina-colada, and Lea just orders a soda . They had only been seating for a minute when another young man approached Lea asking her to dance . Since Lea love to dance and the young man is very good looking, she did not hesitate and went to the dance floor leaving Ann alone at the bar .

Ann realized that a man sat next to her on her left side and order B-52 and long island ice tea . As soon as the B-52 was put in front of him, he took a gulp and followed it with the long island ice tea for a chaser . . .

Jeff is not much of a drinker, but he needed it badly . One thing he did not realize is chasing a B-52 with long island ice tea is not a very good combination, one shot and it will hit you very hard . Without realizing it, he turned and asked the girl next to him and asked" Excuse me! are you available?"

Ann turned around and look at him with a smile on her face and said " what if I am? How about you are you available?" . . . .